What does a broker do

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2. What tasks does the broker take on when selling?

A real estate agent first discusses the Sales targets and sales conditions with the owner. These can vary widely, depending on whether it is a house sale, an apartment sale, the sale of an investment or a sale of land. The type of property is crucial for this. In the next step, he carries out an on-site valuation of the property and develops a sales strategy. Once this has been agreed with the owner, the broker collects all information about the property and prepares a sales exposure.

As part of the marketing the real estate agent offers the property both reserved customers from its database as well as the general public by choosing a wide variety of marketing channels (real estate portals, printed advertising material, newspapers, on-site sales gallows, etc.). He coordinates property visits, carries them out and advises potential buyers. The broker checks the creditworthiness of prospective buyers and assists with building financing. He conducts sales negotiations and balances seller and buyer interests. If a buyer is found, the broker prepares the purchase contract and clarifies the further processing. He is there for the notarial certification and the handover of the property.