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Which criteria are checked by your real estate agent comparison with the registered real estate agents?

How do you find a reputable real estate agent for the planned property sale?

Real estate agents are facing new challenges these days: the cornerstones of brokerage have changed dramatically as a result of political requirements and the digitization of the brokerage market.

What should I do? Which competencies, evaluations and references are important when choosing a real estate agent?

One way to find a suitable and certified real estate agent is for you to ask us.

We will send you the test reports of the brokers from your region that are listed and checked by us.

What do you learn from us:

  • Does the broker have property damage liability insurance?
  • What are the broker's reviews and references?
  • What is the broker's credit rating?
  • Is there an approval according to §34c?
  • How many potential buyers are registered with this real estate agent?
  • and much more (see below) ...

For you as a seller of a property, all inquiries are of course free of charge.

The review and evaluation is subject to a fee for the real estate agent.
For you as a consumer, the inquiries are free of charge and non-binding.

In a comparatively non-transparent market, we offer the consumer an orientation to a qualified and reputable broker, administrator or expert.

Sell ​​property?

We have the right certified broker for your sale with Ø 2,921 prospective buyers.


Take the chance to sell your property in the best possible way and receive our free and exclusive broker test report with lots of information in advance.

The serious and experienced broker protects sellers and buyers from serious errors in the drafting of the contract and is ultimately liable in the event of incorrect advice.

Daily communication with property seekers and sellers and an honest, passionate and technically clean brokerage give security, save time and protect against misjudgments of the market.

Competent real estate agents usually have a network of potential buyers. With Ø 2,921 potential buyers, for each broker listed with us, the network can be used effectively here.

By the way, do you know the bidding process? - More information here >>>

Which points are checked by the real estate agents?

The following points are checked and referenced:

- Proof of the existence of §34c of the trade regulations (GewO) - (visual inspection by your broker comparison)

What does the existence of §34c of the trade regulations mean?

The prerequisites for the granting of the license to become a broker are the reliability under commercial law and the orderly financial situation of the applicant.

Required documents for the activities according to § 34 c industrial regulations (GewO):

  • valid identity card or passport
  • official certificate of good conduct
  • extract from the central Register of trade and commerce
  • Certificate from the local court (Central Enforcement Court) as to whether entries have been made in the debtor register
  • Clearance certificate from the tax office
  • Certificate from the bankruptcy and enforcement court that no proceedings are pending or that no entry has been made
  • for GmbH or AG: notarized articles of association

Further information can be found here:

- Proof of the existence of a financial loss liability insurance (visual inspection by your broker comparison)
- Credit check via the Bürgel credit agency

The following data is referenced:

Establishment date
tax number
Professional chamber / professional supervisory authority
Commercial register (HRA / HRA)
Authorized representative
Checking the imprint for an existing website
contact details
AP name
House number

- Are there other insurances such as:
Professional liability insurance or legal expenses insurance, etc.

References & Reviews:
Reputation check

Customer ratings from the last 18 months about real estate scout

Recommendation in%
Number of Reviews:
Presentation of the property
Achievement of purchase / rental price


Recommendation in%
Number of Reviews
Information content synopsis
Property according to description

Proven Expert

Request for objects mediated by us:
Obtaining an evaluation after a successful sale
Obtaining an evaluation after a successful rental

Association membership / memberships in a professional association:
IVD North
IVD Berlin-Brandenburg
RDM Berlin and Brandenburg
RDM Saxony Anhalt
IVD Middle East
IVD West
RDM Saxony
vdw Association of the Housing and Real Estate Industry V. Saxony
IVD middle
RDM Saarland
IVD South Bavaria
SIB Süddeutsche Immobilienbörse e.V.

Number of objects
Number of prospective buyers
Number of employees
Duration of a consultation / Ø duration of the appointment
Duration of a mediation

Certification of the real estate agent according to the broker standard DIN EN 15733

Time slot for appointments with the owner
Lead time for appointment
average duration per appointment

Takeover of rental inquiries
further contact persons:
First name
Services that the company offers:

Free property valuation
Rent / purchase price analysis
Coordination of energy certification
Creation of exposé with pictures
Floor plan publication
3D floor plan

Elaboration of purchase / rental agreement
Contact notary
Contact lawyer
Financial support
Rent loss insurance

local newspaper / s
ImmoWelt / ImmoNet
Publication in the shop
other real estate portals

Handing over:
Creation of the handover protocol
Handing over the keys
Electricity / gas service registration / deregistration
Insurance recommendation

Credit check tenant / buyer
Coordination of viewing appointments
Pre-selection of suitable tenants / buyers
Individual viewing appointments

of clearing out services
in case of household liquidation / final cleaning /
Renovation / gardening /
Demolition / disposal
Moving company

Home staging
Video creation
Virtual tour (360 °)
Bird's eye view photos
Bidding process

Insurance brokerage
Architect agency
Garden service brokerage
Property management

Real estate valuation!

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