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Path onApp developer:Peta visionLink to the app:iOS (from iPhone 3GS / iPod touch 3rd generation / iPad, from iOS 5.1)Options of the app:Font on: circle / curve / square / path
Photo effectsPrice:1.79 EUR This app comes with over 200 fonts and font styles that can be created as a square, circle, spiral or on a freely drawn line. Simply select the photo to be edited from the device memory, crop it and then immediately add text. This has already happened after 5 minutes of training and a little trying. You can determine both the text color and the spacing of the letters. Drop shadows under the text are also possible. All of this is well presented in a clear and self-explanatory menu. With the auto-text function, the entered text is arranged completely around it. This is the perfect function, especially for button production. Of course, the photo can also be provided with effects or the brightness of the photo corrected before the text is inserted. A memory function is also available so that you can “tinker” with your motif at another time. The storage function stores the finished image in the photo album without any loss of quality. You can then upload this unedited photo directly to our website.

PicsArt - Photo StudioApp developer:PicsArtLink to the app:AndroidOptions of the app:Curved font
Photo retouching (red eyes, etc.)
Photo effectsPrice:free In addition to many photo effects such as sepia or black and white, PicsArt offers you the opportunity to correct red eyes, remove pimples or whiten teeth. If you are happy with your image after editing, you can use the tools provided to crop it. For a round button, it is best to first create a square section using "Quantity" and then use "Shapes" to create a round motif. If you want to create a circular layout, you can even add a colored outer border to your motif. Furthermore, PicsArt has 32 fonts that can be set both straight and in a curve. You can also use your own TrueType fonts by copying them into the fonts folder in PicsArt on your device. You can also download many designs free of charge from the shop that you can use to embellish your button design. In no time at all, you will receive the desired button design, which you can order as a button on our homepage after saving.

CurvedApp developer:MobiLab Co., Ltd.Link to the app:iOS (iPhone / iPad from iOS 5.0)Options of the app:Writing on the circle: Yes
Writing on curve: YesPrice:1.79 EUR After opening the app, Curved offers various templates for the background. These do not necessarily have to be taken if you want to label a photo. For buttons without a photo, however, this is a good pre-selection in different colors. The app is very simple. There are only three menu items: insert photo, insert text (s) and save motif. Curved offers different text arrangements that cover all possibilities. A great selection of fonts and styles make great font effects on the button. Compared to “Path On” there is more variety of shadows or fill effects. The created text creations can be reduced in size with just one finger or rotated and arranged perfectly. Saving takes place in the same resolution in which the photo was loaded. So this is absolutely perfect for buttons!
As an addition: In the photo editing ("Edit Photo") there are extremely many functions to process the photo first as you want it. There is nothing that is not on offer here. For the round button production, we recommend first cutting the photo as a square. Curved is also free! Our absolute recommendation! It couldn't be better!

InstaFrameApp developer:Imagination UnlimitedLink to the app:iOS (iPhone / iPod touch / iPad from iOS 5.0)Options of the app:Writing on the circle: No.
Writing on curve: No.Price:free At the beginning you have to decide on a template. A round version is available as a selection, this is perfect for a button. You load your picture into this. If desired, you can put a text over it. The photo can then be edited, e.g. sharpened, with one click. There are innumerable fonts and these can still be provided with various effects. Several words that can be edited individually are also possible. It all works with the "one-finger method". Smiley faces and icons are also available. Unfortunately, you cannot put any writing around the motif. That would be the only restriction, but it is acceptable. The finished motif is then exported to the album in very good resolution. InstaFrameFree is perfect for a button with a picture as a background in combination with multiline text. The fact that some advertising is shown in the free version does not matter.

FX Photo StudioApp developer:MacPhun LLCLink to the app:iOS (iPhone / iPod touch / iPad from iOS 4.3)Options of the app:Writing on the circle: No.
Writing on curve: No.Price:free As soon as you open your photo in FX PhotoStudio, you have the option of cropping the image to a square. The image is displayed in black and white using ColorSplash and you can highlight individual image areas in color again. Furthermore, this app has many different photo effects that invite you to be creative. For example, you can design your picture in a vintage or grunge style, apply distortion effects such as glass or add soap bubbles and highlights ... Fonts can also be added to your motif. There are 9 different straight styles available for this. So your writing can look like an embossed sticker or a strip of fabric and that in a very attractive high quality! Under the options on the start screen, you should set the export size of the image material to the highest available level beforehand. This can show different values ​​depending on the device (iphone / ipad). You are then well prepared for button production.
So let your creativity run free!

PolyFrameApp developer:MobiLab Co., Ltd.Link to the app:iOS (iPhone / iPod touch / iPad from iOS 5.0) Options of the app:Writing on the circle: No.
Writing on curve: No.Price:1.79 EUR With Polyframe you should first set an aspect ratio of 1: 1. This gives you a square that can perfectly serve as the basis for a button. Next you can set the color of the background or even insert a photo or a pattern, which are numerous. The photo is added using the “Custom” button. Polyframe offers a selection of cliparts (stickers) as standard. Likewise, after entering a label, you can select various “presets” that automatically change the font. There are many fonts to choose from. The font can be provided with light effects and also with different shadows, etc.
Overall, this is a very easy-to-use app that also provides a selection of different resolutions for saving. Don't be put off by the sparse labeling in English and just try the different sliders. Then the function opens up automatically.
Conclusion: Perfect for quickly implementing motifs with textual content in a legible and sharp manner. The templates in particular help to “find” your motif.