Can I make this recipe sugar free

No Sugar - the sugar-free diet

Live sugar-free and finally be more active, healthier and fitter: With our recipes for a sugar-free diet and many practical tips for a life without sugar, this resolution is within reach.

In order to get through the day well, happy and sugar-free, we from the #teamzuckerfrei have put together a complete sugar-free nutrition plan for you. Delicious, sugar-free recipes that are perfect for breakfast, lunch, a snack or dinner.

Before you start your sugar-free challenge, you need to set the course for a life without sugar: First of all, "clear out" your kitchen, your pantry and all of your secret candy cupboards. The less tempted you are, the better. Especially in the more difficult initial phase when you are still fully on sugar withdrawal.

Menu & shopping list

Put together a small meal plan and shopping plan for yourself, each for about a week. This gives you a better overview of what to buy when. Also, cook something in advance, freeze it, stock up on supplies and think about what might help against food cravings. Small energy balls - or would you prefer sugar-free crackers? Those who are better prepared will stay sugar-free longer!

Plan small rewards to reward yourself for successfully mastering stages of your sugar-free challenge. A trip to the cinema, a great new book or maybe at the end of the day the favorite perfume you've been dreaming of for so long? Motivated and ensures little feelings of happiness in between - because one thing should definitely not be neglected in our and your project "Sugar-free living": the fun!

Breakfast without sugar

A sugar-free breakfast is of course essential for a sugar-free day. If you shoot your blood sugar levels up unnecessarily now, you will have a much bigger battle to fight. The best thing is to keep your blood sugar level constant and to lay a good foundation for the day with a balanced, sugar-free breakfast.