How can I turn anything into something?

Translation of "to turn someone into something" in English

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How can a judge to turn someone into somethingthat he is not?
How can a judge to turn someone into somethingthat he is not?

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It could someone in a monster transformlike Mr. Karloff here.
If I someone in a vampire transformthat happens sometimes.
The point is, it can explode, but none of it can transform someone in one, I don't know ...
The point is, it can be explosive, but there's nothing about it that would ever turn anyone into a, I don't know ...
As a T-800, I can't get in someone other transform.
As T-800 I lack the mimetic skill to appear as anyone else.
Why someone in a zombie transform?
I'm afraid I can't get in someone other transformjust to please you.
I'm afraid I can't turn into somebody else just to please you.
I enjoy material possessions for what they are, they don't define who I am, nor do they turn me into transform someoneI don't want to be
I enjoy material possessions for what they are, they do not define who I am, nor will they change me into someone I do not want to be.
I try him in someone other too transform.
I allowed him to me in someone to transformI don't have to be like you showed me ...
I allowed him to turn me into someone you showed me I don't have to be ...
The first question is why someone in a Scot transform would.
Once you pass the test, Renee, her fear will put you in someone completely new transform.
If you pass the test, Renee, your terror will transform you into someone fundamentally new.
In some ways, filmmaker Carrie Mae Weems resembles the title character in Woody Allans Zelig (1983). In this film, the director's alter ego emerges at crucial historical moments, only to revert to like a chameleon someone other too transform.
In some ways, the African American photographer and filmmaker Carrie Mae Weems is like Zelig, Woody Allen's alter ego in his 1983 film of the same name in which an unflappable interlocutor shows up at just the right historic moment and becomes someone else.
"She can take you transform in someone, - "" - who you are not. "
In so transform something ghosts.
Can you get me in too transform something?
Somehow I have to put on that careworn, tired, unattractive face transform somethingready for a date.
Somehow, I have to try to transform this haggard, tired, un-date-worthy face into ... one that's ready to go on a date.
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