What is a one-sided fight

One-sided fight

In the end, the game was one-sided and was marked by many technical errors (especially the guests). But: "Seen from a distance, it was a piece of cake from us." That said TuS coach Walter Schubert. The trainer would of course not have the reputation of a keen analyst if he simply let this outburst of emotions stand - for his standards. There was nothing to complain about at the beginning of the good quarter of an hour, when the hosts went down 6: 3 and 8: 4 to 10: 6 (14th). The ball ran smoothly through the ranks of the Jöllenbeckers, who mainly used their chances through Nils Grothaus and Christian Hoff. Ahlen, who competed without his top striker Thomas Lammers (became a father on Saturday), had opportunities above all through Thorsten Szymanski. A strategy that should pay off in the last 15 minutes before the break.

As if out of nowhere the thread broke with the hosts. A half that was believed to be under control, the Schubert seven slipped out of his hands. While Tim Grothaus was able to prevent the equalizer with a block at 11:10, Ahlen's left-hander Michael Herrmann scored the 11:11 in the 23rd minute. This was followed by the 12:11 and 13:11 tours for the guests. In the majority, Leon Ludwigs threw a pass into the stands. Ahlen player-coach Sascha Bertow danced Julian Jahr with a simple deception and made the 11:14 with a lifter. Only twice Hoff (12:14, 13:14) and Hermann Hippe won the break draw. Coach Schubert did not have an explanation for the break-in. But he realized: "We came back after the break with a lot of struggle and enthusiasm."

Playmaker Ludwigs, who was in great shape after the break, said: "They only got back because of our mistakes in attack. During the break, we decided to build on the first quarter of an hour." In general, the TuS 97 came out of the cabin solidly. Eight minutes after the restart, Julian Jahr scored at 19:15. Ahlen became increasingly nervous, which was reflected in increasingly hair-raising ball losses. "Not much worked out for them. That was certainly not to be expected," said Schubert, who found the clear victory a few goals too high.

What exactly led to the blackout of the opponent does not have to interest the winner. The Bielefeld countered in a low tension, but with impressive goals peppered half to second place in the table. Inglorious highlights remained the tangible tussle between Torben Pieper and Kevin Wiegers, for which the Ahlen man received a red card, as well as a serious facial injury to Ahlen’s Sebastian Chojnacki. In tabular terms it was a top game, but that evening only the TuS 97 was really great.