Are there fraudsters on eBay

Detect and prevent fraudulent seller behavior

Fraudulent seller behavior is any attempt by sellers to misrepresent themselves or the products they sell.

Evidence of fraudulent behavior by a seller

You should look out for the following warning signs:

  • Short term offers: Fraudulent sellers want to complete the purchase quickly. The longer an offer remains on eBay, the greater the likelihood that fraudulent behavior will be discovered. Therefore, be careful when you see offers with an offer duration of one day. However, there are justified exceptions, such as tickets for an imminent event.
  • High discount or sold out items: Be careful if a seller has lots of high-quality items at suspiciously low prices or stocks that are difficult to find and sell out everywhere else. If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't.
  • Contact or payment outside of eBay: eBay messages are the safest way to get in touch with other users. Always be careful when a seller asks for your personal contact information, such as an email address or phone number. He may want to get you to make a purchase outside of eBay, such as cash or a transfer to a foreign bank account. This contradicts our principles and your purchase would not be covered by eBay buyer protection.
  • Unsafe payment methods: Some payment methods are not allowed on eBay because the payment is not trackable or cannot be called back if there are problems. You should not proceed with the transaction if a seller asks you to use a payment method that is not included in our Policy on Accepted Payment Methods.

Be careful if you see an offer from an eBay account that was previously only used to buy but now sells lots of high quality items.

How to Report a Suspicious Seller

If you think you are dealing with a seller who is acting fraudulently, report it to us as soon as possible.

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