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Under strict Corona regulations, Thomas Borchert designed his concert evening "The Piano Man" in an intimate atmosphere, musically lively and amusing. From musicals to jazz to pop, Borchert showed his entire musical spectrum and delighted his audience with lively interpretations and funny anecdotes.

(Text: Lilli Zeifert)

Reviewed performance:23.10.2020
Last known performance:24.10.2020
Show length:90 minutes (possibly including a break)

In the spacious and acoustically well-balanced citizens' hall in Oststeinbek, due to the hygiene regulations, only about half of the chairs in the hall could be used. For the organizer, this was already the third concert in the times of Covid-19, as Jürgen Graff, the second chairman of the Oststeinbeker Kulturring, explained to the audience with great gratitude before he announced Thomas Borchert.

Borchert accompanied himself very skillfully and with great, visible and audible joy even on the concert grand throughout the evening. He also usually accompanied his own entertaining moderation with lively piano music.

Borchert's soulful interpretation of "Unquenchable Greed" from "Tanz Der Vampire" made the brilliant debut of the concert. He was happy, said Borchert afterwards, that he was allowed to perform again in these difficult times. This enthusiasm for being on stage was always present in his songs and the anecdotes in between. Borchert told of the time when he first played in bars and pubs as a young man and thus earned money for his studies. Borchert confessed that he had always entrusted all his emotions to the piano, and so he went on to the second song: "Piano Man" by Billy Joel, which was the inspiration for the name of this concert.

He sang a total of 19 songs that evening, including two encores in a good 90 minutes. Not only musical songs - among others "The Impossible Dream" from "Man Of La Mancha" or "The Longer I Live" from "Dracula" - were on the program. Pop songs like "Just The Way You Are" by Billy Joel or "Your Song" by Elton John were also part of Borchert's repertoire, as well as his own songs like the amusing and very contemporary "Urlaub auf Balkonien" or "A Wandering Season", which he wrote when he was 17 or 18 years old.

Borchert also surprised with unusual interpretations of well-known musical melodies - especially with "The Phantom of the Opera" he showed his preference for jazzy tones and jams and he ended the "Last Dance" from "Elisabeth" with a winking, jazzed 'Oh Sissi, Baby! 'Objections. No matter which song Thomas Borchert was singing and playing - you could hear, see and feel at all times that he is a thoroughbred musician.

With a lot of humor and amusing anecdotes, Borchert made the audience laugh again and again. Before he started on "This is the hour", he talked about his engagement with "Jekyll und Hyde" in St. Gallen, where between the constant appearances in the double role there was no time to go to the toilet and also the desire for one Dixi-Klo remained unheard of.

The evening finally ended with the self-written song "So Alive" and the two encores - the extremely funny "Das Wildschwein-Duett" from Borchert's own musical "Asterix und Obelix" and "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". A round end to a successful concert, at which both the audience and the artist obviously had fun and in the end everyone was grateful for this varied musical evening in a difficult time.

(Text: Lilli Zeifert)


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Wonderful concert experience in Corona times

October 27th, 2020 - Finally a stage again! Finally musical music again! The very successful "The Piano Man" evening by and with Thomas Borchert was balm for the soul. With a lot of passion he sang wonderful musical melodies and pop songs, not to forget his own beautiful compositions. Thomas Borchert and the grand piano are a unit, it's a pleasure. The location was very suitable, an intimate, personal ambience - you felt very comfortable and also very safe in these Corona times. The audience adhered to the hygiene regulations very well. My personal highlights of the evening were the opening with insatiable greed, the Piano Man, This is the hour, 36 houses and his wonderful song The Best Of Goodbyes. I very much hope that such a wonderful musical evening can be repeated soon!

sandy-girl (2 ratings, ∅ 4.5 stars)

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