What is easier to learn bottle or Django

Method obtained: Python group: 832339352

How long does it take to learn and gain knowledge of Python?

Every knowledge is the basis. Getting started is relatively quick. It takes some time to reach a known procedure. This is a gradual and intensive process.

Knowledge of any programming language takes a lot of practice to gain experience, solve various difficult problems, look at someone else's source code, and share the process of sharing your code in order to be able to understand all aspects of Python. A programmer who knows Python programs well knows many ways to solve the same problem and can choose the most powerful!

Today the editor issues benefits. I put together a copy of the latest Python materials and 0 basic introductory tutorials in 2018. Welcome beginners and advanced friends. I'll answer your questions when you're not busy. 1. Introductory reading 2. Advanced reading 3. Web Framework 4. Crawler development 5. Graphic image 6. Data analysis 7. Machine learning

Level 1: Basic level

As a Python veteran, advice for Python beginners, I hope you avoid detours

Python language foundation

· Environment construction and equipment · Variables and data types · Basic programming · Decorator · Gui introduction

Easy crawler fight

· HTTP and urllib2 · regular expressions and · writing crawler code · multithreading

Tool platform

· Pip installation method and environment · Pip base application and specified source · Virtualenv installation · Pycharm and PDF debugging skills

Python is goal oriented

· Goal-oriented input and characteristics · Application and characteristics of the class method · Access restrictions · Super goals and self-goals · Nested classes and nested functions

Web front-end foundation

· HTML + CSS · Javascript · Jquery

Even the most powerful gods must build a solid foundation from the ground up, such as: B. the Python language foundation, the targeted programming, development tools and the front-end foundation.

Level two: crawler level

Reptile root

· Simple crawler examples · Methods for crawling · Basic regular expression use · Registration of impersonations · Cookie operations · Requests

Git basic usage

· Based on Github documentation · Pull Requst · General Commands · Remote and Clone · Big Branch · Feature Branch

Scrap structure

· Preliminary Introduction to Scrapy · General Scrapy Commands · Crawler Center · Image Acquisition · Cookie Processing

MYSQL database

· SQL standards and creation · Primary and foreign key binding · Data mapping processing · Operators · General functions

From the bottom of the crawler to the application of key crawler structures, you can master general crawling skills and develop commercial crawlers independently

As a Python veteran, advice for Python beginners, I hope you avoid detours

Phase three: web phase

Getting started with the bottle

· Piston context echo · Piston routing · Piston template · Piston entry database operation · Jinja2 basic grammar · Piston entry layout

Django Foundation

· Creating a website · Introduction to the SQLite3 database · Basic functionality of the database · Administrator application

Ajax for the time being

· Ajax rollout / operating environment · Assessment & Dom · Data encapsulation · Ajax registered users

Django advanced

· Jinjia2 replacement template engine · High-end customization by the administrator · Administrator actions · Integration into the existing database · Overall view

Actual struggle: personal blog system

· Project analysis · Introduction to the web development process · Database design · Custom manager management · Online project layout

Flask, Django and other commonly used Python web development structures, as well as interactive technologies such as Ajax, can present the crawled data to users in the form of web pages or interfaces after learning

As a Python veteran, advice for Python beginners, I hope you avoid detours

Phase 4: project phase

· Preparation before development · Explanation of requirements and functions · Code structure · Notes

Version control software

· Common version control and principles · Svn common practice · Svn high end · Four major open source sites · Git detailed explanation · Git vs. Svn

Diango cache optimization

· File system cache analysis · Database cache analysis · Cache equipment and application · Custom cache · Redis cache · Django cache optimization performance evaluation

Publication of the website

· Introduction to Diango and its basis · Preparation before deployment · Introduction to common deployment methods · Separation of Diango servers · Script automation · Security of Diango servers

Rich project experience is a necessary prerequisite for looking for a job

Okay, I hope this will help you learn a little python!

Learning the Python web framework is essential, e.g. For example: Django, Tornado, Flask, Bottle, etc. Learn as much as you can about the framework which will be of great use for future network programming projects.

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