What is the safest city in Colorado

Boulder in the US state of Colorado : Sagittarius kills ten people in a supermarket

A shooter killed ten people in the US state of Colorado. The scene of the bloody act was a supermarket on Tuesday afternoon that is part of a shopping complex with several shops and cafes in the town of Boulder, northwest of Denver. There is also a policeman among the dead. Police chief Maris Herold said on Tuesday evening (local time) that the killed colleague was one of the first officers at the scene and was shot. One suspect has been taken into custody. The authorities did not provide any information on the motive, with reference to the early stage of the investigation.

First of all, the police received reports of shots and a suspicious person with a patrol rifle, said Herold. The police moved in with a massive contingent - the shop complex was surrounded, and heavily armed special forces were also on duty. The security forces called the suspect to surrender over the loudspeaker.

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Eyewitnesses reported multiple gunshots and motionless people on the supermarket floor and in the parking lot. Video images showed a man with a bloodied leg and a bare torso being led away by the police. It was initially unclear whether this was the suspect.

"It feels like the safest place in America and I was almost killed for buying a soda and a bag of chips," a shocked eyewitness named Ryan Borowski told CNN. He reported that there were several loud bangs in the supermarket. With the third bang, people just ran.

The responsible district attorney Michael Doherty said: "It is a tragedy and a nightmare." Governor Jared Polis spoke of a "horrific event". White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said US President Joe Biden has been informed of the Colorado incident and will be kept informed.

In the United States, fatal incidents occur almost every day with weapons that are easy to buy there. In its latest statistics from 2018, the CDC recorded a total of 39,740 gun deaths in the United States - about 109 deaths per day.

Last Tuesday, eight people were shot dead within a short period of time in three massage parlors in and around Atlanta, Georgia. Six of them were Asian and seven were women. The white suspect named sex addiction and the goal of eradicating the "temptation" through massage parlors as the motive for the brutal attacks. The act had sparked the debate in the United States about increasing discrimination and hostility towards Americans of Asian descent. (dpa)

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