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Convert TV size 65 inches to cm

Updated on by Stefan Banse Large flat-screen TVs are in fashion, prices are falling steadily, quality is increasing. However, it is often not that easy for the consumer to assess the real size of the television. The TV size is always given in the Anglo-American unit of measurement. One inch is 2.54 cm. So if you are currently interested in a 65 inch television, the following information about the screen diagonal will help you:

65 inches to cm is exactly 165.1 cm, i.e. 1.65 meters.

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65 inch television: how high and wide is it really?

The diagonal of the TV set at 65 inches is 165 cm. But you definitely want to find out how the device fits into your living room or your TV landscape. For this you need the height and width. The specific dimensions are:

Width: 143 cm
Height: 80 cm
Diagonal: 165 cm

Optimal distance for 65 inch devices

For better orientation, we have also listed the recommended distance for a 65 inch device in our graphic. The recommended distance from the seat to the device can be calculated using a formula. Of course, this is only a recommendation. You have to decide whether the distance is suitable for you individually. Ultimately, the distance also depends on the picture quality of the television.

The rough rule is:

Viewing distance = screen diagonal x 2.1

In the specific case, the 65 inch television has a diagonal of 165 cm, which results in the recommended viewing distance = 165 cm * 2.1 = 346 cm = 3 meters and 46 centimeters.

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