What are your favorite graphic design podcasts

Are Podcasts Too Long?

Many podcasts last over an hour

Is that too long Do podcast episodes need to be shorter for podcasting to be more successful?

I do not think so. I think the length is open towards the top. It is important that the podcast remains exciting.

To edit or not?

There are both camps: Some want podcasts to be "produced" through and through. They should be scripted. Every word should be planned and then picked up as naturally as possible. In the end, it is sanded and every noise, every umm is removed.

Others want podcasts to be authentic and raw. The tone may be improved in post-production, but not a word is removed. Not even the ums.

Reasons for editing

  • You can add an intro and an outro.
  • The recording looks more polished.
  • You can optimize the flow of a podcast.
  • You can eliminate mistakes.
  • You can make annoying noises such as loud breathing, doorbell and coughing disappear.

Reasons against editing

  • You will have much, much more effort - and therefore probably publish it later.
  • Or you will have to spend a lot for it. You pay per minute of recording!
  • You might come across as less authentic.

How I see it

If you can improve the listening experience with a manageable amount of effort, then I would edit. If the ums distract from the content, a few of them can go away too.

I hardly ever change the order. So, no audio sequence is brought to the front or sent to the back. Exceptions are quotes in the intro, or if you take up the introduction again at the end, if the guests are much more relaxed at the end than at the beginning.

I keep making mistakes when recording (often), or the microphone technology used by guests is not ideal (less often). So from my point of view it needs post-processing.

I think a podcast episode can cost something or cause a little effort. The listeners also take the time to hear your episode.

From my point of view, the best measures for good quality take place before the recording: good recording equipment, acoustically treated room, mic technology. Experienced people can also make sure that editing is simplified during the recording: Avoid talking at the same time. Include small breaks that allow easy cutting.

Podcasts aren't for everyone

It is not uncommon to hear that podcasts are far too lengthy. You want it to be short and sweet, like on TV or radio.

There are various media for this. Podcasts aren't for everyone. If you prefer to get to the point faster, other media are available.

I never listen to podcasts in the office. Either I'm on the road or I play sports. Almost without exception, I listen to podcasts with other activities. It is inconceivable for me to sit in a chair and listen to a podcast. This is me. You may be different. Sometimes I even wish I could.

I also think it's more than ok if I can't hear everything in one go because it just takes longer. I even see this as a little motivational boost:

Not everyone needs to listen to podcasts. I like to go into a topic more thoroughly. I also like to get to know the podcast hosts a little over time. I welcome the little digressions and the flexible structures.

Don't be afraid to post long episodes. If someone says it's too long, the podcast may be too long for him or her. There may be others out there who love your long episodes.