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References and feedback

Due to my many years of activity, I was able to collect a large number of customer testimonials who were convinced of the quality of my products and advice.

You benefit from my know-how and my experience and I always put the wishes and needs at the center of my efforts.

After I wanted to freshen up my LP playback, I ordered the WireWorld Eclipse 7 from Schüring High End as a connection between phono pre and preamp. The previously used cable from a well-known manufacturer was showing its age.

The sound improvement that followed was just great! The curtain went up, with very beautiful voice reproduction with fine nuances with a good foundation and a deep stage! Heard subtleties on my LPs that were previously hidden.

So a very big recommendation from me too! Also for the friendly conversation with Mr. Schüring. I then took the WireWorld Series 7 digital cable with me - that was also an improvement. What more do you want?


For a year and a half I have been listening to music of almost all styles with the Lansche 3.1. The loudspeakers still inspire me with their universal qualities of these loudspeakers. With their natural, clear and high-resolution reproduction, they lead you deep into the music. The artistic performance arises in the room and the loudspeaker as a technical mediator resigns completely. After many years with full-range loudspeakers, I find the Lansche no less homogeneous in terms of reproduction and the integration of the Corona tweeter also works seamlessly. For me, the charm of the loudspeaker comes from the natural reproduction of voices and instruments, which are complemented by a clean bass foundation and unrivaled fine highs to form a coherent whole. If you have heard many other speakers, you will also notice how much the stable housing contributes to the transparency of the reproduction. You don't even want to stop listening to music. The Lansche 3.1 seem to grow indefinitely with the quality of the upstream electronics. The efficiency is good and thirty watts from a class A amplifier is sufficient for all situations.

Mr Lansche's sentence that the loudspeaker is no longer the weakest link in the playback chain is confirmed with aplomb. In addition to the engineering quality of the construction, there is an elegant design and great craftsmanship quality. In my eyes (and ears) the Lansche 3.1 is a product that serves the great cultural asset of music in an excellent way.

(Frank H.)

I became aware of Schüring High End through a pair of young, used B&W 800 D2 loudspeakers that Mr. Schüring had taken in payment from a customer. The information about the sales offer was very positive and corresponded to my expectations. But how do you check over a distance of 700 km whether the information is really correct? In response to a phone call, Mr. Schüring described the condition of the loudspeakers, the reason why he offered them, and offered to ship them by a forwarding agent. After that there were no unanswered questions and I had the impression that I had an honest and experienced partner. On the same evening, Mr. Schüring emailed me informative photos. Well lit and with a high resolution format. You could see everything on the screen.
The speakers were shipped quickly and on time in the original packaging. Mr. Schüring even put a warning for the shipping company on the boxes and even got straps himself so that the packaging held together securely. The speakers, each weighing approx. 115 kg, arrived safely at my place. Flawless as described. If I need something again in the future (e.g. Bryston amplifier) ​​I will contact Mr. Schüring again. I can rely on his word.

It was more by chance that we discovered Schüring high-end in our immediate vicinity and are enthusiastic about the first-class range. Mr. Schüring advised us in a particularly competent and very friendly manner. After an extensive demonstration, we decided on a system and boxes that we could also test extensively and in peace beforehand at home. We particularly liked the calm, pleasant and never intrusive way in which the different components were demonstrated to us. We were able to learn a lot about audio technology and perceive differences in sound directly. That made the selection very easy for us and we now have exactly the musical experience at home that we wanted. In addition, Mr. Schüring played a key role in installing the network in-house. We are just thrilled and can only warmly recommend Mr. Schüring as the outstanding audio expert. We will definitely remain customers of Schüring-High-End.

(Angela and Norbert F.)

As the proud owner of a Bower Wilkins 800, I had to struggle with clear room modes in my quite large listening room (over 100 square meters), which I had repeatedly attributed to the unchangeable room dimensions. I even brought a professional room acoustics company on board to measure my room acoustically and identify the problem frequencies. The necessary insulation measures would have been enormous, so I refrained from doing this. I then came across the Lansche Cubus through intensive research on the Internet, experience reports, tests, etc. The argument that the single, very large woofer does not need a hub and would therefore not stimulate the room that much in the first place interested me.

After a test listening at the Lansche dealer Schüring High End, I decided to buy, because the idea was that if they didn't work, then it would be jerky, because I didn't want to only listen to classical music with small 2-way systems either. I am more than enthusiastic about the Cubus !! The bass is unrecognizable, clearly more contoured, tighter, deeper with more definition at the same time. But what excited me even more is the high and midrange. How the 800s are dwarfed is enormous. The stage is fantastic, there are no dynamic limits, every type of music (and I really hear a lot of different things) is fun, from the guitar played individually to trio jazz to large orchestral recordings. You can really let go of a big band, but the very new Debussy recording by Erato is also unbelievable joy. The periphery is important, because the trusted dealer has to do a good job, then I believe that you have finally found peace on the subject of loudspeakers.

Martin B.

I am pleased that we have such a friendly and competent hi-fi dealer in the neighborhood. In the last few years I have purchased some hi-fi components from Schüring High End, the price, service and advice have always been perfect. I have been streaming my music for several years now, and Schüring has always been a first-class partner for all questions and problems with my network. I particularly like the quick help via remote maintenance, which saves me a lot of time and money.

Peter B.

I became aware of Mr Schüring through an advertisement from Advance Paris. What I liked right from the first meeting was that all questions were taken seriously and everything was explained in a calm and understandable way. Even if you attack Mr. Schüring with the whole family. In addition, of course, there is the fantastic atmosphere in which everything can be discussed and “heard”. That is a unique selling proposition. You can rely on his word and I will definitely remain a customer of Mr. Schüring .... thank you for that!

If you are interested, I bought the MyConnect 150 device and the Magnat TT990 turntable with the Audio Technica VM540ML pickup system from Advance Paris. In addition, I treated myself to the super cable for the power supply and the RCA phono cable from O2A Quintessence for the turntable.

Rolf M.


“Whether you are a beginner or an experienced high-ender, you are in the best of hands with highly competent, unobtrusive and patient advice from Mr. Schüring! The obvious love for the music hobby always shines through here, highly recommended! "