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enterPy: The new conference for Python in Business, Web and DevOps

Python is growing in popularity and unites a huge community. There are good reasons for this: The language is easy to learn, universally applicable and quickly provides usable applications. EnterPy is now aimed specifically at professionals who use Python productively in companies or who intend to do so because they want to exploit the potential of the programming language in data analysis, machine learning, web programming or in the DevOps environment.

Premiere in May 2020

The premiere of enterPy will take place on May 25 and 26, 2020 in the Congress Center Rosengarten in Mannheim. The workshop day with all-day, in-depth tutorials is followed by the actual conference with two parallel lecture tracks. In addition to the basics and advanced topics relating to Python development, there is a focus on practical experience from concrete projects in a wide variety of industries. EnterPy wants to show how new developments from Python, but also tools and techniques, can be used profitably in the corporate context in practice.

Business practice: From newcomers and migrants to professionals

As part of the Call for Proposals (CfP), which is now open, the organizers are looking for workshop and lecture submissions on the most important topics from Python basics to deep dives, frameworks and tools, web, DevOps, security and testing to data science and machine Learning. Concrete help is also desired for beginners and those switching - including, for example, prospective data scientists or C / C ++ / Java developers who want to get involved in Python. Proposals for 45-minute lectures and all-day workshops can still be submitted until January 24th.

EnterPy is organized by heise Developer, iX and dpunkt.verlag, all of which are part of the Heise Group.(map)

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