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Tip: Take a screen capture using VoiceOver

There may be times when you want to show Apple or an app developer something that cannot be conveyed through a simple screenshot. It must z. B. certain operating steps are carried out to reproduce a problem. For a few versions, iOS has offered the screen recording function, with which you can record the entire screen and a whole sequence of steps as a video. This also works with VoiceOver, even including what VoiceOver speaks.

To do this, do the following:

  1. In the settings app under the item control center add the element for screen recording. This is not included by default. There are also some other useful tools that are worth looking at.
  2. Now slide one finger down from the top until you feel the second vibration and hear the middle of the three "pops", then lift your finger to open the control center. The old method of touching an element of the status line and swiping up with three fingers can also be used.
  3. There is now a new Screen Capture button at the bottom. A double tap would start it immediately, but we want to make sure that audio is being recorded as well. So select the Open Controls action with a downward swipe and then double-tap.
  4. Now set the switch for microphone to on.
  5. Select the Start screen recording switch and double-tap.

After a 3-second countdown, the screen recording starts. Now switch to the app with the app switcher, in which you want to demonstrate something and possibly tell something about it, which explains how the error can be reproduced.

The recording that will now be made includes the entire screen content, the audio output from VoiceOver and also the spoken word. You can also do this when you have connected EarPods or AirPods are connected. The VoiceOver speech output is still recorded cleanly.

After completing the reproduction, open the control center again as described above and go to the screen recording button below, which is now spoken as "selected". "Selected" in this case means that the screen recording is currently in full swing. A simple double tap will stop the recording and save the video in the photos.

This can now be sent as an email, saved in iCloud Drive and e. B. be shared by link sharing or otherwise used. I have already provided various feedbacks to Apple with it and have also given app developers some to show them where things are stuck in their apps.

One more tip: To avoid messages from other apps getting into the recording, it is advisable to temporarily activate the do not disturb function. This should be configured beforehand in the settings so that notifications are always muted when Do Not Disturb is activated, not only when the screen is locked.

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