Why does my cat sneeze after vaccination

Cat flu

Symptoms of cat flu

What symptoms does the animal show with cat flu?

With cat flu, the cat shows symptoms that are quite similar to those we know from a cold or a cold in humans. However, the severity of the disease in cats is more like the flu than a harmless runny nose.

Typical symptoms of a cat flu are watery eyes, inflammation of the conjunctiva, cough, fatigue, sneezing, fever, difficulty breathing and nasal discharge. Affected cats then initially suffer from clear discharge from the nose, which may later also be cloudy and purulent. The infection can be clearly seen from the animal's nose. If cat flu is not treated in time, this infection can also lead to purulent, crusty eyes, mouth ulcers, difficulty swallowing, unwillingness to eat, bone loss or pneumonia.

If your cat shows the first signs of illness, you should see a veterinarian as soon as possible. In this way, treatment can be carried out promptly in order to minimize possible long-term consequences of this infection. As soon as the first symptoms are seen in the cat, you should get a veterinary report as soon as possible to clarify whether it is a harmless cold or actually a cat flu. Once the diagnosis has been made, treatment of the cat can be initiated in a targeted manner.