What are resistances in parallel

 R.total = R1 · R2 / (R1 + R2)
You're welcome two Enter resistance values, the third value of the parallel connection will be calculated.
It can also be the total resistance R.total and a resistance R.1 or R.2 can be entered.
When entering a decimal, the is always Point to use.

Equation or formula for calculating the parallel connection of two resistors R.1 other R.2:

Calculation of the necessary parallel resistance R.2, if R.1 and the total resistance R.total given is:

Solving the formula R.total= (R.1· R.2) / (R.1 + R.2) to R.1:
1/R.total = 1/R.1 + 1/R.2
R.total·R.1·R.2[1/R.total = 1/R.1 + 1/R.2]
R.1·R.2 = R.total·R.2 + R.total·R.1
R.1·R.2R.total·R.1 = R.total · R.2
R.1(R.2R.total) = R.2·R.total
Last step:
R.1 = R.2 · R.total / (R.2R.total)
R.2 = R.1 · R.total / (R.1R.total)

Note: Calculating the parallel resistances is exactly the same as calculating
the parallel connection of coils or the series connection of capacitors.

• Find the resistances R.1 and R.2if the total resistance is known: •

Calculation: resistor parallel connection by iteration
Find of R.1 and R.2 if the total resistance is known

● Calculate many parallel resistances ●

Here you can calculate the total resistance - up to 10 resistors connected in parallel.
Enter the resistance values ​​in the fields below and when all values ​​are entered, then
click on 'Calculation'. The result is given below.
As a test you can enter the values ​​4, 6 and 12 ohms; the result should be 2 ohms.
Attention: Clearing the fields by hand does not delete the saved values.
When entering a decimal, the is always Point to use.

Ohm's law - Ohm's law

Two resistors connected in parallel and the calculated total resistance
Resistances from 1 to 100 ohms


Note: This calculator can also solve other math problems.
Calculating parallel-connected resistors is exactly the same as
those for inductors connected in parallel or capacitors connected in series.

Converted power in a resistor: P. = U·I., P. = U2 / R., P. = I.2 ·R..
Note: For the resistors in series is the electricity the same for each resistance
and for resistors in parallel, that is tension the same for each resistor.