What is really going on at the Playboy Mansion

Ex-Playboy-Bunny: Kendra Wilkinson: Sex with Hugh Hefner can only be endured with drugs

Note: This article is currently being accessed again heavily. We would therefore like to point out that it dates back to 2014. You can find our current report on the death of Hugh Hefner here: "Playboy" founder Hugh Hefner is dead.

The fact that sex with a man around 80 does not necessarily have to be the highest of emotions for a young woman does not come as too surprising. Nevertheless: With Playboy founder and icon Hugh Hefner, up until now, he had mostly had the feeling that the whole thing was still going on with a little style and dignity. At least somehow.

Kendra Wilkinson: Sex with Hugh Hefner didn't last long

However, Kendra Wilkinson has thoroughly dispelled this assumption. The US model is currently taking part in the British jungle camp - and chatting cheerfully about the sex life in the Playboy Mansion. With the sentence "Do you want to come upstairs?" Hefner usually asked the girls to make love. Sex was part of life in the villa, says the 28-year-old - even if she was only 18 at the time and Hefner was already 78 years old.

Kendra Wilkinson had already pulled off the leather in her book "Sliding Into Home" in 2010. Like the British newspaper The Mirror reported that the time in the Playboy Mansion was anything but pleasant for the ex-Playboy bunny. Above all, sex with the now 88-year-old "Hef" was not exactly a pleasure. "I had to be very drunk or smoke a lot of weed to get through these nights," writes Wilkinson. After all: the "chore" usually only lasted 60 seconds.

Kendra Wilkinson was one of Hugh Hefner's "official friends"

The US model Kendra Wilkinson became known alongside Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt as one of the three "official friends" of Hugh Hefner. She met the Playboy founder at his 78th birthday party in April 2004. The model was then regularly seen at the publisher's side.

The luxurious and bizarre square relationship in the Playboy Mansion was featured in the TV documentary The Girls of the Playboy Mansion processed, which could also be seen in Germany. Finally, in November 2008, Wilkinson and Hefner separated. The model moved out of the Playboy Mansion, but stayed true to reality TV. Among other things, she received her own documentary soap (Kendra) and participated in the US version of Let's dance part. Wilkinson has two children with football player Henk Baskett. AZ