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Chess App: The 3 best free applications for chess fans

Chess is not only the game of kings, but also one of the most popular board games in the world. Therefore, the choice of applications is large. We looked around for the best free chess app for Android and iOS and crowned our three favorites.

Chess is a board game for patient strategists who like to think many moves in advance. And it is a game that is more suitable than any other for a match against an artificial intelligence - be it on the smartphone or on the computer. Accordingly, you will find numerous free chess apps in the app stores that are more or less advertising-heavy and offer different game functions. Among the rich offer, we went in search of the best free chess app for Android and iOS. Here you can find our favorites.

Playing and learning chess: The comprehensive one

Playing and learning chess is one of the most popular free chess apps and with good reason. The application is an all-rounder and not only lets you play against a chess computer, but also gives you the opportunity to invite friends to a match or compete online against other users. In addition, is Playing and learning chess also a training app and provides you with chess lessons, explains moves or lets you solve a puzzle.

The application is visually appealing and user-friendly. It basically does not require registration and is clearly structured and self-explanatory. If you open the chess app you have the choice between Play against the computer, Play online, Puzzles, Board overview trainer and much more.If, for example, you select a match against the computer, then by clicking on the three-line menu you have, among other things, the option of setting the level of difficulty or error warnings and displaying potential moves and threats. At the end of the chess match you can also carry out a game analysis. That is only part of the offer that you Playing and learning chess provides. The application is a true all-rounder, hence our tip to all chess fans: install it and just try it out.

  • Tutorials
  • Online matches
  • Display of the moves
  • registration required for some features

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Play Magnus - Games Chess: The Professional

Play Magnus Play chess is the right app for beginners and professionals who want to take on a real world chess champion. Because the algorithm of the application is tuned in such a way that it plays like the world champion Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen. But no worry, Play Magnus is not only aimed at professional chess players, because you can set the level of difficulty by selecting the age of Magnus and, for example, competing against the world champion in his younger years. The application is graphically modern and stylishly implemented. In addition, the design is very clear and intuitive: Install, open and try out without registration.

The start menu lets you between the features Playme (Play against me) About me (About me) and Train with me (Train with me) select. If you decide on a training unit, videos of the world champion himself are available to you. In addition to videos and a classic game of chess, you can also play against the community and share your results and statistics with friends, although free registration is required for this. You also have about the settings at Play Magnus Play chess the possibility of displaying error warnings or showing you potential moves and threats.

  • optically high quality
  • many features
  • Chess tutorials
  • many training videos only as in-app purchases

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Chess Free for Android: The Popular One

Chess Free belongs as well as Playing and learning chess with over 50,000,000 downloads of the most popular free chess apps on the market. Visually, the application cannot completely keep up with its predecessors, but it still fulfills its purpose and is also easy to use. Around Chess Free No registration is required to use them. Once you have installed the app, it starts immediately. The start screen greets you with functions such as One player, Multiplayer, Options etc .. You choose Start local game off, if you play against the computer, you decide for Multiplayer, you can also compete against friends who are present. This is practical because you always have a chess board with you.

Regardless of whether you duel with the computer or with other players, you have the option of setting the level of difficulty, the appearance of the characters, the sound effects and much more. over Options you decide whether you like allowed moves or Detailed train notations should be displayed. You draw the variant Multiplayer before, then you face the decision Start local game, Create online game, Fast game and Check out your online games and invites. In order to use the last three options, however, you have to log in with your Google account. But then you can also play chess online and compete against the community.

  • many features
  • Multi-player function
  • Online matches
  • partly annoying advertising
  • only for android
  • optically old-fashioned

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Conclusion - our test result

The three featured applications are all among the most popular free chess apps on the market. All of them not only offer the opportunity to compete against a chess computer, but also to play chess online or to learn the game from scratch with the help of tutorials or to deepen existing knowledge. Play Magnus - Play chess is certainly the most professional of the applications. If you don't mean it that seriously, you pick it up Playing and learning chess or on Chess Free back. Chess Free However, it is only available for Android and is sometimes noticeable negatively due to somewhat annoying advertisements. However, this chess app does more than just serve its purpose.