When is a Jew not a Jew?

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A Jewish mother
In Germany today there are again more than 100,000 Jews in almost 100 communities. According to Jewish law: A Jew is someone who has a Jewish mother or who has chosen Judaism as his religion. It doesn't matter whether the father is also Jewish. It is also not important whether one adheres to the Jewish rules (laws) in everyday life or not. Even a Jew who doesn't believe in God remains a Jew! Because in Judaism it is not just religion that determines what is Jewish. The Jews are a people that is linked by a long tradition, that is, by common habits and a common history. Nevertheless, Jews in different countries can also live very differently according to religious rules.
Appearance and clothing
Most Jews look no different and dress in the same way as people who are Christian or Muslim, or who do not believe in God. When Jews go to the synagogue and the cemetery or when they pray, men and some women wear a headgear out of awe of God. Pious Jews also cover their heads with a little kippah, a baseball cap or a hat in everyday life. Others wear a necklace with a small Star of David because they want to show that they belong to the Jewish people.
The Star of David
The Star of David stands for the city of Jerusalem, which is also called the city of David. King David, who lived about 1,000 years before our time, was the most important Jewish king. He united the Jews into one people and made Jerusalem their capital. To this day, Jerusalem is the religious center of Judaism, and the Star of David is also a symbol of Israel as a nation. He is depicted on the flag of the State of Israel, which has existed since 1948. Israelis are now citizens of a state, like the French in France or Italians in Italy.