When will PewDiePie reach 100 million subscribers

New Youtube record : PewDiePie breaks the 100 million mark

100,105,541 subscribers, that's how many YouTube users had subscribed to the channel of the Swedish YouTube star PewDiePie on Sunday. The Let's Play activist, whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is the first individual to break the 100 million YouTube subscriber mark.

The only thing ahead of him is the Indian music label T-Series, whose success is based on the marketing of Bollywood soundtracks. For comparison: The German Youtuber Rezo, who recently made a name for himself with his criticism of the CDU and the media, currently has a little over a million subscribers on YouTube.

The Sweden PieDiePie channel features the red logo with the words "Subscribe 100 million" since Saturday. He had his first million subscribers seven years ago.

His success is based on the fact that he commented on the video games he reviewed in an extremely entertaining way. There is much speculation about its income. According to the "Vermögensmagazin", PewDiePie earned around 15 million euros in 2016.

Married for a week

How big his active fan base is in his live review "Minecraft Part 1". The video, which was posted online two months ago, has almost 28 million views.

The video about his wedding to the Italian Marzia Bisognin - Youtube name CutiePieMarzia - counts a million views, the couple also received as many "I like" congratulations on the day of their marriage on August 19th via Instagram.

However, there are sometimes downsides to success. For example, the Christchurch assassin mentioned PewDiePie on a Facebook livestream. "That makes me sick," was Kjellberg's comment.

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