Offer hospitals rooms without air conditioning

Air conditioner: is it worth buying?

This is what you should pay attention to when buying an air conditioner

The most important aspect is the cooling performance. The lower this is, the more time and electricity the device needs to cool down a room. In order to calculate the right cooling capacity, you should estimate the following factors:

  • Room and window size
  • Condition of the exterior walls
  • Location of the rooms
  • possible heat sources (people, devices, light)
  • existing sun protection

It is best to ask a qualified specialist.

Also important: the energy label. There are many different energy labels for air conditioners, we will explain the most common two for mono and split devices. Both energy labels indicate the energy efficiency class within the scale from A +++ (very good) to D (very bad). However, these classes say nothing about the absolute power consumption. They only describe the efficiency of the air conditioner.

Energy label split air conditioning unit

In addition to the output in kilowatts, the energy label for split air conditioning units also indicates the energy efficiency in year-round operation. That means: The efficiency is measured taking into account the seasonally different temperatures. On the far right you will find the electricity consumption in kWh (kilowatt hours) per year - an operating time of 350 hours is assumed. Below you will also find information on noise development. The quietest devices are no louder than 48 dB (decibels) inside and no louder than 55 dB outside. Pay attention to these values ​​when buying, because noise annoys you and the neighborhood.

Energy label monoblock air conditioner

In addition to the output in kilowatts and the energy efficiency of the cooling output, the energy label for monoblock air conditioning units only indicates the power consumption in kWh for 60 minutes. To the left you will also only find the information for the volume in the interior in decibels, as there is no compressor outside.