What is the disease of bamboo

When the bamboo looks sick?

Bamboo mite on the underside of the leaf


Aphids are sucking insects that multiply quickly. A balance is often established in nature, as there are many beneficial insects whose food source is aphids. Aphids can often be found on plants that are kept in a building, for example.

Aphids come in different colors and these are usually easy to identify. They often leave sticky excretions ("honeydew") on the leaves, on which fungi often settle. The leaves then have a black-gray layer in places.

Aphids can be managed well without the use of pesticides.

It is best to spray the bamboo with a water hose at full pressure. Many animals that land on the ground due to the strong water jet do not climb the plants again.

If the infestation cannot be sufficiently decimated, "Pest-Free Careo" from Celaflor can also help here.

Aphid infestation on oleander


Indication of aphid infestation: black deposits on the leaves


This pest can often not be recognized directly, as the animals mainly hide under the blades of the stalk. New shoots whose leaves have not yet unfolded are often most affected. There the mealybugs are well protected from enemies and are often only discovered relatively late.

When combating, we recommend first completely removing very severely infected shoots.

An insecticide can then be used, which is best sprayed so that all shoots are wetted as much as possible. There are also funds that can be poured. The plant absorbs the active ingredients and passes them on to the pests through the sap (effect from the inside). These are recommended as it is almost impossible to wet all affected areas with one agent.

Mealybugs under the blade of the straw

If you are still unsure about the determination and treatment, we will be happy to help you.