Can fix purple tint on ash blonde hair

Green tint: With these tips and tricks, it is guaranteed to disappear

Having a green cast in your hair is pretty annoying and looks anything but good. However, this hairy faux pas can happen very quickly:This often happens when the mane is bleached if there are too few red pigments in the original color.Too few red pigments in the color used (for example from blonde to medium brown) can also be to blame for a green cast after dyeing. Then the cool tones of the original hair color and the coloring overlap. Sometimes long stays in chlorine or salt water as well as excessive and long exposure to the sun are the reason for a greenish shimmer in the hair. If you have the bad luck and a greenish discoloration adorns your forehead, then you have to keep calm,because with some very simple tips, tricks and home remedies you can get rid of this unwanted color very quickly. 💁🏼

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1. Ketchup

Instead of french fries, the ketchup is now in the discolored hair of blondes. Massage the red sauce into your strands and let it work for about 15 minutes. Then you should clean your mane normally with a shampoo. The red ketchup or the color pigments it contains should reliably neutralize the greenish shimmer in the head.

2. Shampoo for red hair

Bleaching your head went wrong? Then you need the right hair care! A shampoo specially formulated for redheads can also help you get rid of the greenish mane. To do this, you should simply treat your strands regularly with a treatment for red hair, for example with the Alcina "Color Shampoo Copper", which you can buy on Amazon for around 13 euros, and you will soon find that the green cast has disappeared.

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3. Aspirin Plus C

Aspirin not only helps against headaches, it is also considered a secret weapon against the "green cast" color accident. However, you should make sure that these are Aspirin Plus C tablets (about 8 euros from Amazon). After you have dissolved two tablets in water, you should let the asprin solution work on your strands for 15 to 20 minutes. After washing your hair you should definitely use a good cure, as the hair is very strongly attacked by the acetylsalicylic acid. The "Damage Repair Mask" from Toni & Guy can finally hydrate the stressed mane with moisture and give it a healthy shine.

4. Lemon juice

Put two tablespoons of lemon juice in a glass of water and distribute the mixture into your hair. After an exposure time of five to ten minutes, you should rinse your mane with lukewarm water. The green cast should be much less noticeable by now. But after handling the acidic juice, you should moisturize your hair, as the fruit - just like Aspirin Plus C - has drying properties and can damage the hair structure. The Repair Hair Oil with Argan Oil from Herbal Essences is exactly what you need.

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5. Carrot or beetroot juice

They are not only healthy and conjure up a radiant complexion with their ingredients, carrot and beetroot juice can also be used for a green-tinged head. The red pigments it contains have a very similar effect to ketchup and neutralize the complementary color green. All you have to do is massage the juice into your hair, leave it on for ten to 20 minutes and then rinse it off thoroughly. If the result is not satisfactory after the first application, you can repeat this course.

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Does silver shampoo help against a green cast?

After unsuccessful bleaching, silver shampoo is often the savior in an emergency. If the hair has a yellow or even orange undertone, the purple pigments in the treatment can neutralize the discoloration and the result is a cool blonde. But can the miracle cure also help with a green cast? The answer: not really! Since violet is not the complementary color to green, this shade cannot make you forget the unsightly coloring accident. Only the yellow undertone of green can be softened a little. The tips, tricks and home remedies mentioned above are the better choice!

When should you go to the hairdresser with a greenish discoloration?

You have already tried countless tips, tricks and home remedies to combat the green discoloration and the unsightly color cast still does not want to go away? Before you experiment with different colorations, tries to overdye the hair color and there is a risk that the result will look even worse and the mane will be stressed too much, you should pick up the phone and make an appointment with the hairdresser you trust. The professional knows exactly how to deal with this problem and can with the help of a professional color value correction undo the faux pas.

This is how you can prevent a green cast

Of course, there are also a few ways you can prevent the formation of a green cast. One of the most important tricks to prevent the hairy problem from occurring in the first place is to provide the mane with sufficient moisture in the form of nourishing hair treatments. Because dry strands with a roughened surface are particularly prone to the unsightly discoloration, as the selected hair color cannot penetrate the mane evenly. Therefore you shouldn't expose your head to the sun for too long or let chlorine and salt water on it, because these things ensure that it dries out particularly quickly. Another important tip to avoid the dye accident is to listening to your own hair. If you cannot handle bleaching and if a green tinge appears after every coloration despite extensive care, then leave it alone and do not try to color your strands again and again. At least you should go to a hairdresser and get the advice of a professional.

This product also helps against an annoying green cast

As we have already explained, a shampoo that has been specially developed for redheads can even out and visibly reduce a green cast. To increase this positive effect, however, we use a conditioner, which also supplies our hair with a good load of moisture.Our clear favorite is the "Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection Conditioner for Damaged Hair" from Tigi (just under 11 euros on Amazon), which supplies important nutrients and ensures suppleness. But the most important thing: The product frees our mane from greenish nuancesthat nobody really wants. The conditioner can easily be massaged in after the shampoo and rinsed out thoroughly after an exposure time of about three minutes- bye bye green tint!

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