How to start a 747

The first Lufthansa jumbos should not have landed in Twente

Can the Lufthansa jumbo jet leave Twente Airport or not? A Dutch court will rule on this on Thursday (October 29). The departure of the Boeing 747-400 with the registration D-ABVP was actually planned for Monday. But because of the lack of permits from the airport, he was stopped.

The Boeing 747-400 from Lufthansa is therefore stuck in Twente. It is questionable whether the judges will allow the departure. A spokeswoman for the Dutch Environment and Transport Inspectorate ILT explains unequivocally to aeroTELEGRAPH: "According to Dutch laws and regulations, there is no possibility of granting an exception to the safety certificate".

«Airport not suitable for larger planes to take off»

The problem: Twente Airport does not have the correct safety certificate for Boeing 747s. To do this, it would have to have certain structural requirements, facilities and features that are required for aircraft of this size in accordance with the regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization Icao. The airport has been planning these changes since 2019, but has not yet implemented them, according to the spokeswoman for the traffic inspectorate that controls the Dutch airports.

Boeing 747s can land in Twente, but only if they are then dismantled. They are no longer allowed to go away. "The airport's infrastructure is currently not suitable for larger and heavier aircraft to take off," said the agency's spokeswoman.

The first two 747s shouldn't have landed at all

The airport operator has also not applied for permission to deviate from the international safety regulations, the Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport continued. In addition to the design of the airport, the departure procedures have not (yet) been approved, according to the authority's spokeswoman. A start therefore represents a security risk.

In general, the authority does not give Twente Airport a good report. One had not been informed about the arrival of the Boeing 747 from Lufthansa. "The first two of the six aircraft landed in violation of the safety certificate valid at the time," says the spokeswoman for the traffic inspectorate. And with the last four jumbos, the airport management knew that they were no longer allowed to take off.

Five jumbos are scrapped

According to the Dutch Environment and Transport Inspectorate, Twente Airport has only two options. Either he makes the corrections to the infrastructure or he requests permission to deviate from the security certificate. Neither of these should be easy.

Lufthansa has sold five Boeing 747-400s to GE Aviation Materials. The planes are scrapped and recycled in the US. Parts that can still be used are recycled as spare parts. Some of the jumbos in Twente should also go to the USA.