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Halo Effect: The First Impression and Its Role in Marketing

In marketing, you often only have one chance to win you over To leave an impression on potential customers. So it makes perfect sense to give this a chance thanks to the knowledge of the halo effect optimally uses. This applies to sales in direct, personal contact as well as indirect contact via website, advertisement or other advertising material.

Due to the power of the halo effect, a single correctly chosen, positive personality trait is often sufficient. This then leaves the entire person, but also an entire product appear in a particularly good light. The effect gives a person or product a kind of "halo". The selection of this feature should therefore be made very carefully so that the desired effect is actually achieved. In personal contact, especially in B2B sales and marketing, it can even make sense to work on each potential and existing customer with a "halo" that is individually tailored to them, one at a time to create the best first impression. In the later course of the negotiations, which can be quite confrontational, you can draw on this good first impression for a long time. You can also use the Make use of the charisma and success of a productin order to be able to upgrade the rest of the product range and sell it better. In this context, experts speak of "Fire halo effect“.