Creative people need creative friends

Live out creativity and print it out

Whether company or private person, social networks are without a doubt THE place to share your photos. Here we can quickly overlook the latest color trends and fashion highlights from all the major brands and do our part to promote beauty and creativity. Some of us still have a tingling sensation in our fingers. Getting creative yourself and using handicraft ideas to create something that is absolutely unique is not only popular during the Christmas season and before major events.

It is special for all of us to hold a creative gift in our hands and recognize someone else's effort. Photos you have taken yourself, which are not simply uploaded to Instagram, can form the basis. Printing them out with a high resolution and turning them into a creative gift creates enthusiasm. There is enough inspiration for this on the net - as well as occasions on which we can give something exclusive to a loved one.

Photo articles as a gift idea for creative minds

We love photos and take quite a few of them every day. Many are quickly forgotten or get lost on our social network pinboards. With a printed photo book or a comparable article, it is possible to filter the most beautiful motifs, which are often viewed with pleasure. In large format with a high resolution, digital photos are ideal for wall pictures or posters. And even as a design for a cell phone case or similar everyday objects, our digital recordings look great.

More than in the classical photography of earlier generations, there are countless possibilities today to edit digital recordings and to increase their impact in printed form. Online, for example, in the myinspirations blog, with lots of photo book ideas, you can find the right inspiration for how your photo books stand out from the simple photo album of your parents or grandparents.

From the printing process to the format, there are many ideas that can be tailored to the recipient of the book as a gift and the respective motifs. After all, large landscapes need a little more space for their effect than compact portraits when they are printed out. Here, too, there are enough tips and tricks online to set the right frame for your photo gift.

Unite the analog and digital world

Using modern digital printing to design unique objects with great motifs is easier and cheaper than ever. For private individuals, the focus is on the production of unique gifts, while companies with digital recordings can enrich their advertising portfolio with special motif articles. By the way, it is worth using Instagram and other social networks here again. When companies use Instagram for advertising purposes, the presentation of current product and advertising highlights with great motifs is popular. Some postings inspire customers to play around with their own photos and have similar articles printed with an individual touch.