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In this section we regularly present publications, productions and web finds on the subject of astrology. We are happy to receive suggestions for an entry in this section, please use the form at the foot of the page. Astrodienst is not responsible for the content of the pages listed here.
A weblog by Monika Heer - entry: 24-02-2009

Neptunwelten is a blog by astrologer Monika Heer. There you will not only find numerous articles about horoscopes or birthdays, but also interesting things about art, culture, media and a lot of background knowledge. Monika Heer lets us participate in her astrologically trained eye and always finds amazing things to report from the world of astrology. A fun and intelligent weblog!

Directly to Neptunwelten.de

Software for calculating horoscopes on the iPhone

"Kairon", one of the few astrology software for the Apple Mac, has been around for many years. The programmer Kilian Sternad from Vienna has now created an iPhone version: iKairon


  • ACS-Atlas with over 230,000 locations worldwide, automatic calculation of summer and local times, 12 house systems, 9 anayamsas, 21 aspects
  • Cairon contains the ephemeris for, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, real and ordinary lunar nodes.
  • In addition, the following bodies and points are built in: real and ordinary Lilith, Chiron, Pholus, Nessus, Lilith (asteroid), Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Isis, Quaoar, Sedna, volcano, point of happiness, point of spirit, vertex. For all these objects, calculations can be carried out from 1200 - 2399, Sun - Pluto with lunar nodes and Liliths, Quaoar, Sedna and Vulkan from 0 - 2399.
  • There are two circles of the stars: one with 12 characters of the same size, the other with these 12 surrounded by 13 actual ones as they appear in the current night sky.
  • The following calculation methods are available: synastry, composite, combin, solar, lunar, transits, progressions.

More information: Kairon homepage
iKairon in the iTunes Store

Solar system and horoscope
A flash animation - entry: 24-02-2009

This wonderful animation by Olaf Staudt shows in a simple but very clear way how the planetary system comes into the horoscope drawing. Let us take you on a little journey through our solar system.

Directly to the animation
To the website of Olaf Staudt

Astrotrends, audio book by Markus Jehle
The most important constellation in the next decade - entry: 09-12-2008

This audio book CD offers a comprehensive overview of the most important planetary constellations of the coming decade. Markus Jehle explains how we can actively shape our future. This enables the listener a deeper understanding of the sign positions and cycles of the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - and this over a period of more than 20 years. He goes into seven thematic areas, in which there is talk of guilt and atonement, departure and renewal, crisis and change, redemption and liberation, conversion and catharsis, progress and success, and chaos and creation. Anyone who hears Markus Jehle's versatile statements is well prepared for the trends of the future.

The audio CD is available from Astronova-Verlag

The lights of the sky give signs
Two lectures on CD by Bernd A. Mertz - entry: 09-12-2008

In these two lectures, Bernd A. Mertz first shows the connections between astrology and Christian symbolism. A special focus is the astrological consideration of Da Vinci's Last Supper. In the second part he goes into the astrology and medicinal art of Paracelsus, for whom the "heavenly bodies of man are doubles".

Audio sample:Track No. 5, The interaction of the sun and moon (mp3, 7:23 min)

Introduction to the draconian natal
Video by Lauren Delsack (English) Entry: 08-12-2008

An interesting introduction to the technique of the draconian chart, a YouTube video (in English).

Sabian symbols as oracles
Linda Hyll's website Entry: 08-12-2008

The astrological alternative to the tarot: "Relax your mind. Imagine your question visually. Click on the picture of the galaxies." So the instruction on Lynda Hill's website. The interpretations for each individual degree of the zodiac are drawn by a random generator and the questioner receives a selected interpretation that he can apply to his question. The value and truthfulness of the answers of this oracle can be explained by the axiom of cosmic attraction: everyone gets the answer he needs.

A book by Ruth Siegenthaler - Entry: 01-12-2008

This book is called "Winter Pluto Turn" because the definitive entry of Pluto into Capricorn at the end of November 2008 arouses associations with the winter solstice, which takes place on December 21 of each year at zero degrees Capricorn. In January 2009 we are energetically at a similar point as when Martin Luther posted the theses on October 31, 1517. At that time, too, there was a winter turnaround. In contrast to yesteryear, the ongoing winter turnaround sets in motion a global reformation that harbors enormous opportunities and dangers in equal measure. In interaction with other influences, we are facing a change of epoch that has never been carried out in the known history of mankind. At this point, it is no longer about stimulating the economy, but about awareness. Which theses would Luther write today? Let us let Luther and his fictional opponent have their say in our fantasy by showing us in 95 theses how we can make a leap in consciousness or promote the destruction of planet earth.

Paperback, 112 pages, SFr. 28 .-- / Euro 18 .--
ISBN 9 783033 018273

Horoscope setting by Juri Viktor Stork - Entry: 01-12-2008

The horoscope becomes sound! Now you can discover your horoscope in a completely new way. Immerse yourself in this very special world of sound, which invites you to meditate, relax and harmonize body and mind. In the audio sample you can hear an excerpt from the setting of the natal horoscope by Lhamo Dondrup, 14th Dalai Lama.
The technique for creating the horoscope setting comes from Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Martin Stroh, who some time ago developed software with his "Midiplanetarium" that can output the planetary tones (after Hans Cousto). Combined with the most modern sound design and with specially created timbres, this results in a special hearing event, not comparable to conventional music and yet a wonderful musical experience. It is very impressive to encounter your own horoscope in this way.

Astrological Tai Chi by Jeff Baugher - Entry: 01-12-2008

Astrolo-ChiĀ® is an exciting Yin and Yang concept for astrology, by the American astrologer Jeff Baugher and the Tai Chi teacher Daniel Lally. Astrolo-Chi makes a bridge between East and West, it teaches the 12 signs of the zodiac through a series of Tai Chi forms. It's fun and easy to learn, and turns your horoscope into a living, breathing reality.

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