How much did you like BTS

member as your ex

- write to you and ask how you are
- can only concentrate badly
- stalk your social media pages to see what you are doing
- often lies awake and thinks about your time together
- tries to forget you but in vain

- accept your separation
- sometimes unconsciously still calls you a princess
- wishes you happiness and health for the rest of your life
- wants to stay in contact with you, even if only amicably

- whenever he is alone you jump into his head
- often thinks about how you are doing
- writes lyrics about you for hours
- misses your warm hugs
- is jealous of every male around you

- needs you near him, no matter if you are no longer together
- visit your favorite places together
- leave your pictures on his bedside table
- often dreams of you
- can't accept that you're gone

- blames yourself for your separation and blames yourself
- It is difficult for him to dance a clean choreography
- as you always miss him mochi called
- puts on the clothes that you liked best about him
- want you back

- is very sad, but does not want to show it
- is much quieter than before
- drives past your workplace to make sure that you are okay
- take a look at the videos and pictures you recorded together
- are still the only one for him

- doesn't quite understand why you broke up
- asks his hyungs what he did wrong
- looks at pictures he took of you when he can't sleep
- draws you
- always wears the bracelet you gave him
- says you were his great love