Why is it so hot in Florida?

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Florida is located in the extreme southeast of the USA, has a north-south extension of around 800 kilometers and extends between 24 and 31 degrees north latitude. The southern tip is not far from Cuba.


Florida climate

The greatest Part of Florida has a humid, subtropical Climate, only in south prevails tropical climate.

The average Maximum daily temperatures are in the coldest month, January, in the north around 20 degrees during the day and the lowest temperatures at night around 5 degrees. In the south, daytime temperatures reach around 24 in January, while nighttime temperatures drop to 18 degrees.

The Florida surrounding Water masses have one on the temperature big influence. Especially in winter it is usually warmer on the Atlantic coast because the cold air from the mainland does not dominate here. Temperatures rise significantly from March, but the hottest time is July and August. However, especially on the coast, the constantly blowing winds make the heat bearable. The average maximum temperatures are around 33 to 35 degrees in the north and 32 degrees in the south. However, the humidity rises sharply in summer.

The most rainfall falls in Florida from June to September. Until November also takes that Hurricane seasonthat affects Florida on a regular basis. In the rainy season, precipitation falls primarily in the afternoon, usually in the form of violent thunderstorms. From September is it significantly drier, first in the north, then also in the south. The driest season is the spring months.

Just in the North Florida's are in winter Cold air ingress is not uncommon, however, they rarely bring snow.


Florida weather

Weather in Miami (Southeast Florida)

Jacksonville, Northeast Florida weather

Florida weather: The temperatures and rainfall for Miami and Jacksonville in Florida are from the website yr.no and are provided by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. The forecasts are updated several times a day.


Climate zones in Florida

Marking of the climatic zones in Florida

  • Humid subtropical climate: mild, no dry season, hot summers
  • Tropical savannah climate: alternately humid, a dry season
  • Tropical monsoon climate: short dry season, heavy rainfall outside of dry season
  • Tropical rainforest climate: humid and warm all year round, no dry season


Florida best travel time

The best travel time for north Florida represents spring with the months March to May From April the sea water is bathing temperature and it rains relatively little.

Given the very high humidity, high temperatures and heavy rainfall, the summer months are in south of the state rather the off-season. The best travel time for south Florida is in winter. Then you can definitely expect bathing weather here.

The High season in Florida is between mid-December and the end of April, when the pensioners from the north of the USA (the so-called "snowbirds") move to the south.

The pleasant winter and spring months are more suitable for sightseeing. Anyone who travels to Florida then bypasses the hurricane season.

Here you will find more tips about the weather and climate in Florida as well as precise climate information for Miami.


Monthly weather overview

For a detailed monthly overview with numerous maps of maximum temperatures, average temperatures, night temperatures and rain in Florida, simply click on the desired month:

Warmest month in Florida: July and August (each 27.4 ° C average temperature)

Coolest month: January (14.1 ° C average temperature)

Humidest month: July and August (each 182 mm average rainfall)

Driest month: November (63mm average rainfall)


Rain in Florida

This animation shows the monthly amount and distribution of rain in Florida.


Florida climate table

Climate in Florida (north): Tallahassee

Climate in Florida (center): Orlando

Florida Climate (Southeast): Miami

Climate Florida (South): Key West

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