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Recognizing Narcissists: 20 Signs, Traits, and Benefits

Recognize narcissists wants to be learned! At first glance, you often seem very personable! They spray with their humorous, self-confident demeanor a certain charmwhich attracts many women.
But over time, it is precisely the qualities that you found so attractive at first that can develop into its greatest flaws. His self-esteem is revealed as Infatuation and his ruthless and selfish kind makes it difficult to deal with.
What exactly is narcissism? How can you recognize a narcissist? And what is there with one relationship or one separation to be noted by a narcissist? You can find out that and much more in this post.

What is narcissism anyway?

You ask yourself what is a narcissist or what does the word narcissism actually mean? We clarify:

Colloquially, narcissism means something like Infatuation or Self-admiration. In other words, a person who considers himself more important and valuable than his fellow men.
He tends to Overconfidence and usually act recklessly and selfishly.
Often times, you can tell a narcissist by the fact that they're strong focused on yourself is and a has a particularly positive self-image.
Against criticism from the outside, narcissists are practical immune.

But behind this perfect facade there is usually one poorhurt soul.
Most narcissists suffer a lot from their habits. You get your self-esteem mainly from the recognition of others. Don't get this rushing you in Self-doubt up to depressions.
"Real Narcissism" is one Personality disorder but which only occurs very rarely.
If we encounter a narcissist in everyday life, it is more like a person narcissistic traits than a "real narcissist".

How to recognize narcissists: 10 signs that will expose them

Just confident or already a narcissist? Recognizing narcissism is not that easy. Therefore, pay attention to the following in everyday life 10 signs:

1. A narcissist likes to conquer

A narcissist likes to conquer women. In order to distinguish himself in front of you, he will be happy with his Respectively and his alleged wealth brag.
Unfortunately, it often remains with the conquest. Once the object of desire is conquered, it becomes uninteresting and the next victory must come.

2. Stay in control

A narcissist is a real control freak! This is also noticeable in dating. Regardless of the location, date or activity: He decides.

3. Rapid aggression

If something doesn't go according to plan, it reveals itself increased potential for aggression of a narcissist. He becomes unfriendly and takes his displeasure out on his fellow human beings.

For example, if the waiter serves the wrong dish on your date or brings the wrong wine, he'll piss him off in front of all the other guests.

4. A narcissist does not apologize

A narcissist believes he is always right. That's why he won't apologize to you.

5. You can recognize a narcissist by few good and long friendships

A narcissist knows a lot of people! In order to underpin its popularity, it will prove it to you again and again. For your first date, for example, he could invite you to a very special restaurant in which you only got a table because he knows the owner.

Yet all of these acquaintances are only superficial. Because of his very ego-related nature, it is difficult for him deep relationships build up.
Also, people with narcissistic traits usually do not even notice that their behavior is hurting other people. Many of theirs Friendships fail on it.

6. Don't be afraid of confrontation

Since he considers himself more important and valuable than his fellow human beings, the narcissist does not shy away from conflict. In his eyes, the others don't stand a chance against him anyway.

7. He likes to be the center of attention (always)

You can tell a narcissist by the fact that it's there for him there is nothing more important than recognition. In order to get this, he puts himself in the spotlight at every opportunity, regardless of whether it is appropriate or not.

8. He expects a lot of understanding but has none himself

A narcissist's world is mostly about him. If he cancels a date, then you must fully understand.
However, if you cancel, there is no excuse for doing so. He is offended because you offended his honor.

9. He pretends to be a gentleman

It's especially important to a narcissist always in the perfect light to appear. Especially in the getting to know you phase, he mutates into one true gentleman. He convinces with his self-confident manner and his good manners. With expensive gifts he will try to impress you.

10. Recognize narcissists: He sees everything in black and white

Friend or foe. Totally great or super stupid. Narcissistic people like to see the world in extremes. For them there is often no in-between.

Partnering With A Narcissist: 6 Qualities You Should Bring With You

If narcissism manifests itself as a real personality disorder, a serious relationship is hardly possible.
As mentioned at the beginning, however, most people are only dealing with narcissistic symptoms and not an actual illness.

These are often not noticeable in everyday life, so a relationship with you well working can. But you shouldn't have a problem with his self-confident nature and be able to deal with his occasional moods. These 6 properties can be helpful:

1. Strong self-esteem

To make themselves look better, narcissists like to put other people down. Here is a partner strong self-esteem asked in order not to let such attacks, which are often not meant to be malicious, get too close to you.

2. Willingness to help

Especially people with one strong urge to be helpful get along well with narcissists. You have no problem subordinating yourself to your partner and are happy to take care of his worries and problems all day.

3. Autonomy

A partner of a narcissistic character is busy with himself and has little time to take care of you. So, for a relationship to work, you should stand with both feet in lifeso that you can get along well without his help.

4. Patience

A relationship with a narcissist requires one thing above all: a lot of patience!You need to understanding can muster up for his whims and never tire of hearing his own hymns of praise.

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Relationship With A Narcissist: 4 Benefits

Sure, dealing with narcissistic symptoms can exhausting and annoying be. Still brings a relationship with them also some advantages with you, which of course we do not want to withhold from you:

1. You show more commitment in the relationship

Narcissists always want to succeed, including in relationships. They are willing to invest a lot to achieve this. He will give them the greatest gifts do and the most beautiful vacations to plan.

2. You are good in bed

Just like the saying: "Faith can move mountains" leave your positive self-image and hers Overconfidence Narcissists quick run up to top performance. This also applies to the physical part of the relationship.

3. It is never boring with them

Her self-confident and humorous nature and her urge to be the center of attention all the time ensure that it is determined never boring becomes. With a narcissist there is always something to laugh about!

4. He is a good protector

Narcissists don't shy away from confrontation. You don't know fear or insecurity. That's why they're especially for shy women the ideal protector, the knight in golden armor who never misses the opportunity to protect his dream woman. Even if it's just to put yourself in the spotlight again.

Breaking up with a narcissist

As if breakups weren't hard enough. Breaking up with a narcissist is often even more difficult. That goes for both sides.
After such a breakup, one thing is especially important: Distance! Both mentally and physically. Only in this way can both get over it!

The narcissist tries to prevent the breakup

While other people are lovesick, hurt and angry, but time heals their wounds, a narcissist still becomes gnaw at a breakup much longer.
Break up with a narcissist is a deep one Insulting his dignity. If he is left, he feels this as one Criticism of his person, it seriously scratches his self-esteem.
Therefore he will try with all means of art a seperation by him to prevent. The following applies here: Stay strong!

It is difficult for the partner to let go

While individuals with narcissistic symptoms struggle with their self-esteem, their partner is mostly playingFear of loss a crucial role.
Because of his captivating nature, a relationship with a narcissist is always with emotional addiction This makes it difficult for many to let go of this relationship.

People with a narcissistic personality tend to mold their partner according to their ideals. Many women do not even notice how they change more and more during the relationship.

That is why it is particularly important for you after the separationto find yourself again. A drastic visual change also helps many women here.
Maybe a new haircut or a little style change in your wardrobe? Can be helpful too old pictures or friends be to get back to yourself the person to remember, who you were before the relationship.
In order not to fall into old patterns, you should definitely wait with a new relationshipuntil you have found yourself completely again.

Conclusion: take care of yourself!

As you now know, most people do not have a real personality disorder, they just have narcissistic traits. Small quirks, like all of us, and which basically do not stand in the way of any relationship.
It is important, however, that you are in such a partnership never neglect your own wellbeing.
Don't even try to try to change a narcissist because you won't succeed. The only thing you can change is yourself. Therefore: Take good care of yourself and your needs!