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The number devil

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When Hans Magnus Enzensberger wrote his "pillow book for those who are afraid of mathematics" in 1997 and Rotraut Susanne Berner designed it splendidly and imaginatively with magical pictures and colorful numbers, the poet and artist probably never dreamed that this Book on such a rough subject as mathematics would become a best and long seller.
Now for the author's 85th birthday, the publisher has brought out a paperback edition in a new guise, and all children who are now growing up and, like little Robert in Enzensberger's story, are afraid of numbers and their teachers, who despair of them, can enjoy this original and amusing story. Night after night the red devil appears in Robert's dreams and explains a new secret from the world of numbers to him. Lo and behold, Robert begins to look forward more and more to his dreams of numbers, until on the twelfth night the number devil is invited by his pupil to a festive dinner in the palace of number devils and the award of the "Phythagorean number order fifth class" for always adopted. (For everyone from 10 years)
Hans Magnus Enzensberger: The devil of numbers. Illustrations by Rotraut Susanne Berner. Dtv series Hanser (62593) 2014. 264 pages, 12.95 euros.
Ten-year-old Abby lives in the country with her parents and grandmother. She has no siblings and her dog Tam, a red-brown Sheltie, is her best friend and always close by. But in an accident in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Abby and her mother are injured and hospitalized. Tam is thrown from the back of the car and disappears into the wilderness. Alternating from Abby's and the dog's perspective, it is now told how both of them are desperately trying to find each other. Abby firmly believes that Tam is still alive and does everything she can to find her dog, but the scene of the accident is far from where she lives, and winter is just around the corner. Tam can't forget Abby either. His instinct leads him homeward south, and despite many bad experiences, hunger and cold, he does not give up. He's lucky too, so a prairie dog joins him and teaches the inexperienced house dog to survive in the wilderness, and an old lady nurses him to health when she is found half-starved in her garden. In the end, Abby actually finds her Tam again, literally at the last second, because after many stops he ended up in an animal shelter and gave up.
It is the mixture of exciting adventure, touching friendship between humans and animals and the author's precise knowledge of survival in the wild that makes reading this book so rewarding. (from 10 years)
Bobbie Pyron: Lost in the Wild. Translated from the English by Gerda Bean. Carlsen Taschenbuch (31339) 2014. 336 pages, 7.99 euros.
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