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Kongregate, home to over 128,000 flash games, dies - what's next?

Kongregate is an online platform where thousands of flash games can be played. But it will probably be over by the end of 2020, because support for Adobe Flash will be discontinued.

What is Kongregate? Kongregate is a gaming portal on which developers have been able to publish their games that were developed with Adobe Flash since 2006. That means the players could open the page, select a title and start playing right away.

Over the years, the site has received over 128,000 submissions of games spanning all possible genres: from classic puzzle games to shooters to a variety of multiplayer games. These include, for example, Realm of the mad God or Bit Heroes.

However, Adobe Flash, on which the majority of Kongregate's games are based, will no longer be supported as of December 31, 2020. Its place is taken over by HTML 5, which makes the use of Flash obsolete.

The German game “Shakes und Fidget” also switched away from the Flash player two years ago.

Support for Kongregate will be severely restricted

What will happen to Kongregate? Since flash games are the core of Kongregate, the suspension of support also has consequences for the site. In an announcement to the community, the management of Kongregate presented several measures that will be implemented in the near future:

  • Submitting new players will no longer be possible from July 1st.
  • The existing games will not receive new badges that players can normally earn by completing achievements
  • With the exception of 20 chat rooms for certain games, all chat rooms will be switched off.
  • Non-gaming related forums will be removed and most of the remaining forums will be reduced to read-only status

So most of Kongregate's social and community features will go away. It is one of the consequences of the general loss of support resources on the site.

However, players will still be able to play the existing games on the site. And the developers will continue to be able to provide updates for their games. How long this will be the case, however, is unclear.

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What is the community saying? The news came as no surprise to the community that has formed on Kongregate over the past 15 years. As early as the beginning of 2019 after the announcement of the end of support for Flash, the first threads came with questions about the future of the site.

Still, the management's forum post aroused mixed feelings. On the one hand, players thanked them in a long thread for the great time on Kongregate and the fun while playing.

Thanks to the Kongregate team. It's sad to see an era end. Spent 9 years on this site and had hours of harmless casual fun. I will miss you.

User gruenerkaktus

On the other hand, there were also disappointed voices. In particular, the abolition of most of the site's social features was greeted with bitterness by some users. A former Kongregate moderator wrote a long post on the subject. He said that the site and community would never have grown this big without the social features and condemned the management's approach:

If anyone thinks that this brand [Kongregate] will survive for even a second without its community, then they are completely wrong.

User StOtS

What does the future hold? In the communication to the community, the leadership of Kongregate was very vague about the distant future of the site. The forum post states:

As you know, our business is currently heavily focused on game development and Flash is slowly disappearing from the scene. This means that Kongregate.com also needs to evolve.

How exactly this further development will look is not clear, however. Some users from the Kongregate community speculate in the forums that it could mean a switch to HTML 5. Others suspect that Kongregate would like to get more into mobile gaming.

Still others, however, hope that Kongregate's flash games will be saved in a similar way to 36,000 games from the Flashpoint project.