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Foot gymnastics: 7 exercises for strong foot muscles

Do something good for your feet! Strong and healthy foot muscles not only protect against injuries, but also ensure good posture overall. We introduce you to 7 simple and short exercises for foot gymnastics that you can integrate into your everyday life.

It's hard to believe that our feet are mostly neglected during training, after all, we stand and walk on them every day. However, normal walking uses only a fraction of the many small muscles in the foot. Above all, the large muscle groups take over the work and the support function is left to the ligaments. Strong foot muscles can, however, relieve the ligaments and thus prevent pain.

The following exercises for daily foot gymnastics can be easily integrated into everyday life at home.

1. Gymnastics for the ankles: one-legged stance

Exercises are particularly useful for the ankles on unstable ground at. For example the one-legged exercise on a soft mat, on the sofa or in the sand. If you are already practiced, close your eyes and / or make rhythmic movements such as arm circles with your arms at the same time. Another foot exercise on one leg: lift the straight leg slightly off the floor, point the foot and draw imaginary circles or squares in the air.

2. Foot gymnastics for the ankle: heel lift

The heel lift is great for ankles and feet. This exercise lifts your heels as you try to stand on tiptoe as much as possible and hold that position. The exercise is more difficult on one leg or on an unstable surface.

  • Tip: You can also start with your heels below the edge. As a result, the muscles are trained even more, as the muscle has to do work over a further path.

3. Toe claws

Toe claws strengthen the entire foot muscles and go almost anywhere - even if you have shoes on. Simply claw your toes on the ground or in the air and then let them loose again.

4. Spread your toes

Great for the transverse arch are foot exercises in which you spread your toes. For example, you can use your hands to spread your toes open like a fan. To do this, take your foot in the area of ​​the metatarsus with both hands on the inside and outside edge and carefully pull your toes apart to the side. Do the exercise several times and gradually let the foot actively participate.

5. Go on the outside and inside edge

While standing you can actively stand on the outer edge of your feet and hold this position. Then try walking on the outside edge of your feet. You can try the same movement on the inside edge of your feet. But that's a lot more difficult. This exercise is really great for brushing your teeth.

Tip: Uniform load is important for healthy feet. This is decisively influenced by correct walking. Develop a feeling for your gait by walking on the outside or inside edges.

6. Creative foot gymnastics with little helpers

Be creative! There are so many exercises that will strengthen your feet and ankles:

  • Grab pens with your feet.
  • Move your feet like a caterpillar.
  • Try to approach and lift each toe individually.
  • Try to “eat up” a towel with your toes and pull them together.
  • Take a tennis ball under your feet and roll the entire sole of your foot over it. Instead of a tennis ball, Blackroll products such as the Blackroll Ball or the Blackroll Mini are also suitable.
  • Tip: If it hurts in one place, calmly step onto the ball with more weight and stay there until you feel the tension ease.

7. Foot exercises on the slackline

Exercises on the slackline are really worth gold, especially for the feet. The slackline supports a healthy posture, promotes coordination and also builds up the foot muscles.

Conclusion: why foot gymnastics is important

As you can see, foot gymnastics is not too difficult, hardly takes up any time and is great to do at home while brushing your teeth or on the sofa. And best of all: The benefits are enormous, because healthy foot muscles offer injury prophylaxis, prevent back and knee problems, increase coordination and improve posture. We have only forgotten one thing: taking care of our feet. You can find everything else in the article "8 tips for healthy feet".

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