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Every year since 2001 the PGA of Germany has chosen the best tour players and the best golf instructors of the professional association. The awards for the PGA Teacher of the Year and the two PGA Player of the Year are each to vote; For the players, a total of six women and 15 men have been nominated for the 2019 season. In choosing the best Golf instructor, trainer and coach of the year Each PGA member who is entitled to vote can propose up to three candidates of their own choice.

Applications and suggestions for the best youth coaches of the 2019 season can be submitted. The PGA of Germany honors trainers who do outstanding youth work in their club as "Youth Trainer of the Year" in the categories Youth coach for popular sports and Youth coach competitive sport. Those responsible for clubs and golf courses can also suggest members of the PGA of Germany for one of the two awards.

Munich / Kassel - Who played the best golf in 2019, who was the most successful teacher, trainer and coach? At the end of the season, the members of the PGA of Germany are traditionally called upon to vote for the “PGA Golf Professional of the Year”. The PGA Awards 2019 will be given separately for women and men in the categories “Player of the Year”, and a “PGA Teacher of the Year” will be awarded. Two further awards go to the two best youth coaches in the categories “popular sport” and “competitive sport”. Voting is possible until December 19th, the winners will be announced on the evening of February 15th as part of the PGA Gala in the Kongress Palais in Kassel.

“With this award, we would like to particularly honor those members of our professional association who have represented our sport in an outstanding way, be it on the international tournament floor or in the daily work with their students, with teams and women's teams, or even through outstanding youth work ”, says Rainer Goldrian, the managing director of the PGA of Germany. “Playing golf at a high level and internationally successfully puts our sport in the spotlight again and again in the media and thus also in the public. To teach the game of golf with dedication and a high level of competence and to inspire players of different ages and ability classes for this sport and to help them improve, that is the task of the fully qualified PGA golf professionals; They are the core of our association, they lay the foundation for long-term success and for a steady increase in active people, in attractiveness and in acceptance that golf has been experiencing in Germany for many years. "

Six players have been nominated for the women's player awards this year, and 15 tour players for the men. It will be particularly interesting to see how the two rookies Esther Henseleit and Hurly Long, who both had a fantastic first season in the professional camp, or which places the series winners Bernhard Langer, Martin Kaymer, Caroline Masson and Sandra Gal or the European Tour -Most promoted Sebastian Heisele prove. The members of the PGA of Germany can choose from among the proposed 21 candidates. In the case of the teachers, they are free to suggest up to three favorites, the top 10 of this first ballot then face the judgment of a top-class jury in a second ballot. The potential youth trainers have usually submitted their application themselves and are ultimately also selected by a specialist jury.

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