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OffPage SEO

Alternative name (s):

  • Off-page SEO
  • Off page SEO optimization
  • Off page optimization

OffPage SEO - Definition and Explanation

OffPage SEO is one of two cornerstones of search engine optimization. It describes those measures for search engine optimization that take place outside of your own website. So optimizations on external sites, blogs, social media, etc. The "Off" therefore stands for "outside" and includes, among other things, optimizations that take care of building backlinks in order to improve the reputation of the site to be optimized in the long term. Since backlinks are still one of the most important factors for the page ranking of search engine providers, there is no alternative to placing them high up in the SERPs (search result pages).

But be careful: not every link is a good backlink! The algorithms of the search engines today are quite capable of evaluating the quality of links and therefore weight them differently. For a good ranking on Google and Co., it is therefore more beneficial to have a few good backlinks than many bad or even backlinks from dodgy sites.

Additional information: OffPage SEO

While OffPage SEO describes external optimizations that influence the ranking of the respective page in the SERPs, OnPage SEO is the counterpart. OnPage SEO is the second cornerstone of search engine optimization. There you take care of optimizations directly on the respective website, the sub-pages or on the various meta-levels of a domain.

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