Inhale a syllable or two

2 Separation of polysyllabic simple and suffused words

The following cases occur when separating polysyllabic simple and suffused words:

  • there is no consonant letter on the syllable border: Farmer, eggs, connecting rods (see § 109)
  • there are one or more consonant letters at the syllable boundary:Love, home, own; breathe, mountains, crispy (see § 110 to § 112)
§ 109
It is possible to separate between vowel letters belonging to different syllables.

Bau-er, Ei-er, European-ische, Famili-en, Foli-en, rej-en, individu-ell, Knäu-el, klei-ig, Lai-en, Mani-en, Muse-um, na- iv, national, real, ru-ine, spi-on, tax

§ 110
If there is a single consonant letter between vowel letters in simple or suffused words, it will be placed on the new line when separated. If there are several consonant letters in between, only the last one is on the new line.

Eye, pretzel, witch, bite, row;
Training, sad, nephew, home;
Parents, sheaves, hops, rusts, kisses, deny, sing, sink, sit, cities; Digger, shaft, coma, run, cardboard, have to, bite
(if ss instead of ß, see § 25 E2 and E3),One-third;
quarreling, Ach-tel, Rech-ner, ber-gig, wid-rig, zealous-rig, poor-courage, friendly, sixth;
inoculate, carp, dark;
crispy, chancellor

§ 111
Are letter combinations like ch, sch; ph, rh, sh orth For one Consonants, that's not how they are separated. The same applies to ck.

laugh, wash, German; Sa-phir, Myr-rhe, Fa-shion, Zi-ther; Look, sugar

§ 112
In foreign words, the combinations of letters for a consonant +l, n or r Either separated according to § 110, or they come undivided on the new line.

noble / no-ble, cycle / cycle, magnet / magnet, February / February, hydrant / hy-drant, arthritis / arthritis