What is scrap removal

Scrap wheels

The building department creates space - removal of bicycles

The construction department, together with the municipal subsidiary P + R Park & ​​Ride GmbH, removes all junk bikes and obviously abandoned bikes in bike racks and on sidewalks.

You can also find information about cycling distances on the P + R Park & ​​Ride website at www.radlramadama.de.

P + R Park & ​​Ride GmbH always carries out the following work steps in detail (see resolution) by:

  • Scrap wheels and obviously abandoned wheels are marked with a band.
  • This banderole indicates that the wheel will be removed after four weeks.
  • If the banderole is still intact on the bike after four weeks, P + R Park & ​​Ride GmbH will take the bike with it and store it for two months. It can still be picked up by the owner within this time.

What kind of bikes will be removed?

Wheels or bicycle parts clearly recognizable as scrap and bicycles that are obviously abandoned.

Why are bicycles removed?

The building department creates space in the public bike racks and on our sidewalks.

How often are the wheels removed?

In general, every bike rack and every sidewalk within the Middle Ring is checked on site by P + R Park & ​​Ride GmbH once a year. Special hot spots such as Marienplatz, Hauptbahnhof, Isartor etc. are even looked after twice a year.

Why does it take so long to remove a scrap wheel?

P + R Park & ​​Ride GmbH has an annual tour planning through which each location is checked once a year. This is consistently pursued. In this way, the proportion of the travel distance can be adapted to the distance achieved, thus ensuring efficient removal of the scrap wheels.

What is a scrap wheel?

  • externally noticeably unfit for traffic,
  • or where only the skeleton is left
  • Can no longer be produced on site ready to drive
  • was marked with a banderole but was not picked up within four weeks

What is a abandoned bike?

  • has obviously not been moved for a long time
  • dirty, possibly broken functional parts
  • was marked with a banderole but was not picked up within four weeks

What is a traffic hazard and what happens to these bikes?

  • Bicycles, regardless of their condition, which are parked unlawfully on public property and especially in intersection areas and
  • endanger other road users
  • are moved by the building department and left on site
  • If you have any questions or reports, send an email to [email protected]

My bike has been removed. Where can I get in touch?

When the bike is in a public bike rack or on the sidewalk inside the middle ring was parked, please contact P + R Park & ​​Ride GmbH using the contact form at http://www.radlramadama.de

When the bike is on a sidewalk or other public area outside the middle ring was parked, send your request to the following address in the building department:
[email protected]
Please provide a brief description of the bike in your email (color, brand, ladies / gents bike, with a photo if you like) and the location (street, house number or a more detailed description of the location).