What got you into League of Legends



It is a boy who is crying. Six, maybe seven summers old.

He is sitting cross-legged in front of a high resin tree and has his back to me. Crying turns into short sobs, then wet hiccups. I pause at the edge of the forest and look back at the shadow of the road below. The midday sun burns mercilessly on the boy's meadow. He doesn't seem hurt. The clearing is open. Unprotected.

You are not needed. Stay on your way.

The voice in my head is crisp and clear, although I haven't heard the words spoken in a long time. I turn around, but do a U-turn when a deep, tortured sigh turns into sobbing again.

When I'm about three swords lengths away, I step on a dry branch to make myself noticed. The sound makes the boy flinch.

"Teo, I'm sorry, I didn't mean ..." The boy wipes his face with his sleeve, obscuring his own hasty apology. He pauses when he sees me.

He backs away so quickly that his back hits the tree.

Emai the brotherhood paid for, ”he stammered. "I didn't play on the street."

When he mentions the group, my hand goes to my blade. The boy stares at me. He no longer sobs, but breathes shallowly. Naturally. He thinks I'm a Navori scoundrel who wants to steal from him.

He thinks you're a criminal.

I let go of the sword hilt and try to be kinder. "No, I'm not of the Brotherhood," I reply. “I heard something from the street. It sounded like someone was in trouble. "

The boy wipes his wet cheek again with his sleeve and tries to save face in front of the stranger standing in front of him.

“Do you know someone like that?” I ask.

The boy slowly shakes his head at first, but then the truth gushes out of him.

“That was me,” he confesses with shame. "I ... I just wanted to play with it." He points up. An old festival kite hangs between the top branches of the tree, its silk ribbons fluttering in the light breeze. "It belongs to Teo."

His eyes fill with tears again. He shows me his palms, which are full of resin, dirt and bark.

“I wanted to climb up, but the tree is too high. Teo will be so angry. He didn't allow me to. "

A brief moment passes. "Brothers say that a lot, ”I mumble.

The earth in front of the boy is shaken. I kneel and move the top layer aside. A sprouting resin tree nut appears.

“My Emai is a wood weaver. I'm still learning. I thought… “The boy hangs his head. The thought is clearly embarrassing to him. Even a sapling cannot grow in an afternoon with the art of wood weaving.

I try not to smile. "An admirable attempt."

The boy's gaze lingers on the ridged edges of my shoulder plate.

“The pattern doesn't come from our village,” he says cautiously. "And not from the village of the next valley either."

"I'm on my way to Weh'le," I reply. “I've made good progress on the Noxian Street. Even if the stones are a bit hard underfoot. ”I try with a smile. The thought that Noxus might have left us something of value, but rather grimaces at it.

“Can you help me?” He asks.

I look up at the kite hanging in the branches upstairs. "It's been a while since I climbed a tree, kid."

“Joab,” he says. "My name is Joab."

I hold out my hand to him, my name doesn't really roll off my tongue. It's been a long time since I pronounced it without shame.

Come on. You've been given worse names.

Yasuo “, I say and help him to his feet.

I step out of the shade of the tree and back into the sunshine of the clearing to get a picture. The day is hot and calm. I close my eyes and feel the tiny air currents at the edge of the meadow. A little breeze comes up and blows individual strands of hair off my face.

“If only I could let it blow down. Wood weaving is so useless, ”mumbles Joab and looks unhappy from his dragon to his resin tree seed. "There was once an elder who could control the wind, but he's dead. He had a student, but Emai says he is dangerous and killed the elder ..."

I reach for my blade. I draw the gun and focus on the magic. Air currents swirl around the cutting edge and manifest themselves more and more clearly. Dust and dead leaves dance on the blade until I form the whirlwind and then flick it from my wrist send out.

The invisible force hits the tree and the trunk trembles. The branches wobble as if a disembodied spirit soars through them to the kite. The brightly colored silk floats gently in the air that returns to the sky and then sails slowly into my outstretched hand.

The boy's mouth is wide open, but he quickly closes it again. The fear is back.

“You?” He asks. "You are the elder's student?"

In Ionia all know what you are.

Joab looks down the forest road. Maybe he's looking for someone to hunt for me. "Did you escape?" He whispers, but I shake my head. “Did they let you go? I mean, have you been acquitted? "

“I cannot be acquitted of a crime I did not commit.” It's only a formality, but I pronounce it before the voice in my head has a chance.

But you killed the others ...

I take a deep breath and focus on the cool breeze on my back and the kite in my hand to keep the memories in check. Joab lingers on his own thoughts for a while.

As he is about to ask another question, a piece of metal flashes in the sun in the forest.

I get my sword into position, but it's just an older version of Joab who has a small device on a long rope with him. I quickly lower my gun again, but it's too late - fear and caution find their way into the meadow.

Too fast to react, too slow to pause.

Nothing is enough for him. My life in a nutshell.

Joab's brother is watching us. He doesn't want to leave the safe edge of the forest.

“Joab,” calls the older boy. Joab obediently runs to him, but stops when he sees the tool and the rope. I use the light breeze to be able to listen.

"What is that for, Teo?" Asks Joab and his innocent question turns into anger. "Did you know that I will take the kite?"

I shake my head. Of course he knew.

Older brothers always know what the younger ones are up to.

"Sure, you always do the opposite of what I tell you, Joab," replies the older boy, keeping his eyes on me. "Who is this?"

Joab looks back, then leans forward and whispers something in his brother's ear. Teo opens his eyes for a moment, then looks condescending.

"Emai says it's time to eat," he says and wants to go. Joab pulls his arm and tries to stop him. He whispers something in Teo's ear again.

I want to slacken the wind that carries the next words, but it's too late.

“No, he can't come with you,” says Teo. "He is xiiri.“


The word gets stuck in my throat as the wind settles around me. Xiiri is something undesirable. A misfortune brought about by outsiders or greed. A little tormentor who follows big brothers every step of the way ...

The sun is beating down and heating my blade. I've heard this word all my life.

You are not needed. Stay on your way.

I take heart and go to the brothers.

“Listen to him, little one,” I say and give Joab the valuable bundle of silk. "Brothers always know best."

Before either of the two can answer, I go on and return to the street.