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John Wick review

Rating: 4.5 / 5

It's been 5 years. Half a decade since Keanu Reeves first played the eponymous killer in "not-quite-so-retirement", which even the black man himself fears. John Wick - A name that probably revolutionized action cinema as it did last Paul GreengrassJason Bourne succeeded. Today, a few days before the start of part 3 of the series, it is hardly conceivable that this debut as a one-shot and as a passion project of the stuntmen duo Chad Stahelski and David Leitch was created without any intention of continuing. But let's go back to the beginning of the story.


John Wick is robbed of his wife by an illness. As a reminder and to cope with grief, she leaves him the puppy Daisy to help him through this difficult time. When the son of the New York crime boss Vigo has his sights set on Wick's 69 Mustang and in the course of this not only knocks Wick down but also kills his dog, he quickly realizes that behind this supposed nobody is a man who the entire underworld is awestruck by . And so returns John Wick, the Baba Yaga, the black man, coming back from retirement to seek revenge ...


The story of revenge presented to us by the film is undoubtedly not a reinvention of the wheel, that much in advance. But with the skillful prologue about Wick's wife, her death and his grief over it, the directing duo succeeds in quickly pulling the viewer into the emotional world of the dubious protagonist. John is not a classic good guy. He is a hit man, a man with no conscience or remorse who can look his victim in the eye until the last second without batting an eyelid and then sleeps peacefully like a baby. But Keanu Reeves sells this monster so humane and attractive that you can't help but keep your fingers crossed for him somehow. That may also be due to the fact that "the others" yes kill small dogs; But I am happy to allow this emotional manipulation to happen to me here, because all of this serves primarily as a catalyst for what follows.

And what follows are almost 100 minutes full of perfectly choreographed, hand-made and brilliantly filmed action. Reeves trained for the film for months and does almost all of his stunts himself. In general, you can tell that behind the camera there are stunt coordinators with years of experience who know exactly what they want and how to do it with the greatest possible efficiency. Lots of really long shootouts, tough hand-to-hand fights and cleverly mixed set pieces make the heart of the action fan beat faster, while the film raises the bar for in-camera action seemingly effortlessly, scene by scene. It may be that Cruise and his team for the Mission Impossible Row in recent years, as far as the set pieces are concerned, come across a bit more ambitious, but John Wick was a dream film for two stunt people who simply had a dream. And you can feel that every minute.

Opponent Vigo is mercilessly well embodied by Mikael Nyqvist and in addition to his increasingly excessive alcohol and drug consumption, you can also feel in his gestures and facial expressions the increasing panic in the face of the sheer force of nature Wick, which is inexorably moving towards his son. Other supporting roles include the eternally great Willem Dafoe and that which elevates every film Ian McShane to, who once again stand out from a strong cast and thus bring the fascinating reality of the film to life.

It certainly takes a few minutes to find your way around the world presented by the film. But first of all you have accepted that you are practically in a kind of hyper-reality, in which contract killers run their own hotels (The Continental), own currency (Gold coins) and even have their own code of honor, which is almost like laws, you get a very exciting variant of our world, which will be built on in the sequel. In this world John Wick is someone, he is a legend, a name that everyone knows and that lets us feel every facet of this world.

That everything depends on the style and aesthetics of this Idea of ​​a reality is subordinate and the action and the stunts are always in the foreground fortunately doesn't really bother me. Sure, this hard, brutal world will not suit everyone and if you think about it all up, logic gaps will certainly open up. In addition, John is undoubtedly as close to a fantasy of omnipotence as a man can be, but when everything can and can be so ingeniously interlocked in such a film you can simply accept it. Especially when everything through the soundtrack of such massive pieces as MansonsKilling Strangers is accompanied and you always have everything in the picture, without exaggerated editing orgies or permanent computer help.

Makes all of that John Wick a masterpiece? Maybe not. But the film is a monument to practical stunts and shared with Millers Mad Max Fury Road proof that, style or not, action sequences filmed in camera will always be more impressive than any CGI in the world. Even if some effects from the computer can certainly bring out good stunt work even more impressively, as Miller's film impressively demonstrated with its thunderstorm of effects around the stunt work.


John Wick is a film that started a small renaissance of classic, stunt-driven action cinema and, together with some other genre representatives, has been pushing the boundaries of the Feasible without a computer was ready to explore further. The plot remains rather the framework for the ingenious action scenes and Reeves physically impressive performance and the cleverly designed world breathe a special life into the whole thing. And even if the film is not flawless, even if the logic can be strained from time to time, you have to take your hat off to this achievement and applaud the success of this handmade action flick.

For me personally one of the strongest genre representatives and the almost perfect start in a (so far) great series. Earned

4.5 / 5 hats or. 9/10 points

and the recommendation to everyone to read this film again before the cinema release of part 3. Have fun!

John Wick review