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Until a few years ago, otome games were very unknown outside of Japan. Meanwhile, more and more well-known games like "Starry Sky„, „Hakuouki„, „Togainu no Chi"Or currently very trendy"Uta no Prince-sama" animated. The animes mainly attract the attention of viewers outside of Japan who do not know anything about the games. With this post I would like to bring you closer to the world of the "Otome Games"; D

What are “Otome Games”?
Otome Games (lit. Maiden Game) are video games aimed at the female audience. Such games are mostly in Japanese and in the form of Dating Games known.
The structure of such an otome game is simple: a main character and many bishouns with different characters and hobbies such as the sporty, the "prince" or the "smart". The player takes on the role of the protagonist. The aim of the game is to “ruffle” your “favorite” bishones so that he falls in love with you and you get a “good” ending, in most cases a declaration of love from him.
Such games are usually synchronized by well-known seiyuus (voice actors) in order to advertise the game again. However, most games are not synchronized "full", which both means that the Seiyuu speaks in the game for 5 minutes from start to finish.

On which consoles are there such games?
You can buy otome games on almost all consoles. This means:
PSP, NDS, Ps2, PS3 and Pc
However, most of the Otome Games are currently released for the PSP and PC.

How hard is it for a non-Japanese speaker to play such games? How is the gameplay?
Since the games are mostly very a lot of text it is difficult to understand for non-Japanese speakers. Therefore, such games are more for people who either want to learn the Japanese language or people with a lot of stamina. You shouldn't get “distracted” too much by the beautiful surgery, because often “nothing happens”: The character talks and talks and talks ... at some point you have to choose something and then the character continues (lol ) Some Otome Games still have “mini-games”, but some of them are only very weakly weighted. This shouldn't sound daunting now, but unfortunately that's the reality behind the beautiful OPs (lol) Nonetheless, everyone who has played otome games has started small (if they haven't somehow learned Japanese before). If you don't understand anything the first few games, you understand a little more the next. You can learn Japanese amazingly well with games like this because you are listening to the voice actor and what he is saying is shown below. Thereby one has already learned some characters; D

For people who want to start playing otome games and know little / no Japanese, I recommend "Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side“For the DS. It was also my first otome game and you don't need to be able to speak a lot of Japanese because it's about getting certain "points". You have to collect points in: intelligence, athleticism, attractiveness etc. to get the respective male character. If you study at the weekend, for example, your intelligence increases enormously. But stress builds up.

Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3rd Story (DS)

In contrast to other games like “Starry Sky”, “Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side” is just one example of a game that requires a lot of “activity” from the player. Classic otome games usually look like this (excerpt: Tokyo Yamanote Boys - Dark Cherry for the PC):

Normal gameplay. Text. Text and even more TEXT!

Every decision has an impact on the ending!

In the menu you can usually see which character you are most popular with

Are there also English / German language "Otome" games?
So far there is only the game "Jo-Jin-Bo“Which is actually a Japanese visual novel and was then translated. Otherwise there are no date games that are similar to the Japanese (speaks: Anime-Style).
But some games have elements of Otome Games in them. Such as.Harvest Moon DS for Girls, where you have to run a farm, but during which you can also “date” guys in order to marry them.
A point of light in terms of otome games: The Americans have the rights forStarry Sky andHakuouki secured! Both games will soon be released in English: D

Where can I get such "otome" games?
You can get such games on the following pages if you search for their title (among other things, they are not listed as "Otome Game"):
– Yesasia.com
– Play-Asia.com

Where can I find out more about (new) Otome Games?
It is very difficult to find information in English or unfortunately there is no large site where users only report about Otome Game News. It is therefore best to turn to Livejournal or private otome game blogs. In Japanese there are sites like:

http://otomex.net/ (As far as I know, they only collect the news on other sites. If you click on their links, you get to the articles on the sites)

http://www.girls-style.jp/ (This is the page of the magazine "Dengeki Girl’s Style)

Just as there are magazines for all kinds of magazines, there are of course also for Otome Games magazines :) The most famous magazines are the "Dengeki Girl’s Style" and the "B’s Log".

The "Dengeki Girl’s Style" is published every 2 months and costs between 752yen - 830yen. The price varies because of it ALWAYS magazinegive-aways gives! Sometimes it's a poster, a special drama CD, calender, etc. It's a really good way to collect “fan articles”, especially because it's hard to get them outside of Japan. Of course, the DGS reports on ALL new games. Regardless of whether PSP, PC, PS2 or mobile phone games. There is also a drama CD, seiyuu, CD and anime section. But they're not that big. DGS is a really great magazine and for the price you sometimes get really great things. I own 2 magazines and I am very satisfied with the magazine. The paper quality is really great and in no way comparable to our game magazines! If you are interested, I can write a little review; D

The "B’s Log" is similar to the "Dengeki Girl’s Style", but it appears every month and also reports on BL games.Otherwise it is just like the DGS. It costs between 880-980yen (significantly more expensive) and also has give-aways. Unfortunately, I don't have a "B’s Log" yet, but I am of the opinion that it is thinner than the DGS because it appears every month. Otherwise, I think it's a bit bigger than the DGS: /

In order to pull the money out of the fans' pockets, many makers offerDrama CDs ("radio plays")ArtbooksSolution books(often referred to as "fan books"),Mangas, trailers, posters etc on. For real fans who want everything from the series, the makers also offer special gifts for those who purchase their product on their official website. These can then be postcards, posters, etc., which are of course limited. ; D

Mangas / animes
Really famous & popular otome games usually get a manga or even an anime that is based on the game. Of course, BEFORE “Starry Sky” and co, there were other animes and mangas based on games. For example, they are knownMy love„, „La Corda D ‘Oro" and "Harukanaru Toki No Naka De (In A Distant Time)". But there are also otome games from famous & well-known anime / mangas, such as "Vampire Knight"Or"Skip beat". You slip into the role of Yuki and tackle the bishones from the manga; D

Reviews / info
Since I import some games and have also played some, I try to write reviews for the respective games. There are certainly some who are interested in new games or the design of the games. Interested parties can find all articles dealing with the topic in the “Otome Game” tag.

- This text has been slightly changed, updated and is based on an older contribution from me from the CIL–


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