Has Samsung stopped manufacturing laptops

Samsung no longer sells notebooks in Europe

After Sony, another well-known manufacturer is withdrawing from the PC business - at least in part: Samsung is stopping the sale of notebooks in Europe. It adapts to "current market needs and requirements", the company explained to the dpa on Wednesday, thereby confirming a report by the British specialist magazine PC Advisor on Tuesday. In addition to Windows laptops, Samsung will no longer sell Chromebooks in Europe.

The PC business has come under massive pressure in recent years, partly because of the increasing use of smartphones and tablets. Last year, global PC sales shrank by around ten percent. Recently, however, there has been a clear recovery, among other things after Microsoft stopped supporting its old Windows XP operating system. Suppliers such as Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard and Acer could benefit from this.

With Samsung, the second electronics giant is withdrawing from the PC market. The South Koreans emphasize that sales in Europe will be "stopped for the time being". The move is due to regional market conditions and does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about plans for other markets. Sony had sold its loss-making PC division in full to a Japanese investment company in February, which had already launched the first models in Japan under the well-known Sony brand Vaio. (vbr)

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