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Dried flowers | Pampas grass online shop

Our online shop offers a nice selection of dried flowers such as, Lagurus, Ruscus, Phalaris, cotton, everlasting flowers, poppies as well as various pampas grasses and many other beautiful flowery decorative highlights to buy and order online.

Our most popular dried flowers:

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Pampas grass


Pampas grass decoration - the dried flower trend 2021.


The new interior look has a wonderful look and creates a cozy feel-good effect in the living area.


We have many different fluffy, naturally dried and bleached pampas grasses in different sizes and colors to choose from in our online shop.


Dried flowers


We have a large selection of well-assorted dried flowers in stock in our online shop and are ready for dispatch in approx. 1 - 2 working days.


The interior musthave 2021: #driedflowers - Lagurus, Ruscus, Phalaris, Pampas, cotton, ornamental grasses and much more.


Bouquets of dried flowers


Bouquets of dried flowers in various designs and sizes.

Individually bound by a master hand, the naturally dried bouquets can decorate many vases in home furnishings.


Flower hoops


Different flower hoops / floral hoops with different drying decorations.

We are happy to make your personal floral hoop or door wreath according to your wishes.

Flower hoops, bouquets of dried flowers and pampas clouds with great attention to detail from a master hand.


Overview of pampas grasses:

Dried and bleached pampas grass - the interior trend for 2021.
This stylish dried flower look with the beautiful look creates a cozy feel-good effect in every apartment at first glance.
Pampas grass is very easy to care for: Simply put the pampas dry in a vase without water - done.

We have many different dry and bleached pampas grasses in different sizes in stock and ready for dispatch in 1 - 2 working days!

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Dried flowers - the interior trend 2021

Dried flowers find their timeless place in many styles.
Whether Scandinavian, Bohemian, modern country house style, minimalist, vintage, urban, industrial, rustic or traditional furnishing style - dried flowers are always a suitable decorative highlight.

It is hard to imagine the interior scene without it, as the long-lasting dried flower living trend adorns many magazines, furniture stores, Instagram channels and institutions.
The most popular right now include: