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New Year's Eve in New York City: 7 tips for traveling to the Big Apple

For many travelers, one of the greatest wishes is to be there on New Year's Eve in New York. In the epicenter of the US turn of the year, there are parties on every corner, millions of party-goers and top-class effects.

The possibilities in the city that never sleeps are so diverse that you should plan this special evening well in advance. Ball drop or fireworks? How do I toast at midnight and is that allowed? And what are the highlights on New York's New Year's Eve?

So that nothing stands in the way of the perfect "New Years Eve", you can find it here 7 tips for a successful New Year in the "Big Apple".

New Year's Eve cost in New York

An expensive pleasure!

Spending the New Year in Manhattan is undisputedly a great wish and a unique event for many vacationers. But of course this popularity also has its price.

Hotel rooms in Manhattan and the neighboring boroughs of New York City are extremely high year-round. The meal costs and the beer in the evening or the restaurant visit have a proud price. In addition, there are also the costs for ESTA, even if these are easy on the travel budget compared to other visas. For many travelers too, New York is a heartfelt wish and you have to have been to the city that never sleeps at least once.

One significant price jump especially experience the hotel and holiday accommodation in the Christmas season and over the "New Years Eve". For the normal vacationer this is hardly affordable, even if he only wants to stay in the city for a few days.

An alternative could then be, for example, to switch to the nearby cities in the neighboring US state of New Jersey. There are also cheaper motels and simpler accommodations here. During your New Year's Eve holiday you will probably still feel somehow “robbed” - but with a conscience Be there for New Year's Eve in New York to be allowed.

Recommended places looking for an affordable hotel could be here, for example Newark, Elizabeth, Orange, or Irvington be. The further away you live from the “Big Apple”, the cheaper it is of course. From most places it is also relatively easy and inexpensive to commute to Manhattan. Even on New Year's Eve, it is possible to find the way back to bed by bus or train from Manhattan.

Ball drop in Times Square

The absolute New York New Year's Eve classic

If there is one image that comes to mind when you think of New Year's Eve in New York, it is it the world famous Balldrop. Since 1907 this time ball has been sliding 23m on a pole just before the turn of the year One Time Square Tower down.

The last 60 seconds of the end of the year are counted. The crowd in Time Square naturally counts out loud. With more than 32,000 lightbulbs, a diameter of 3.7m and a weight over 5t, this ball ensures that it is the star of New Year's Eve in Manhattan. The news shows this event every year. In addition, this event has been used in many films. The USA and the ball drop at the turn of the year simply belong together.

The good news: To be there yourself, you can leave your wallet in your pocket. You don't have to pay an entrance fee for the fenced-off spectator area on New York's most famous square.

But: You should have stamina. As expected, the ball drop is hugely popular on New York City's New Years Eve. And once the space has reached its maximum load, nobody can think of it. This applies to those who come too late as well as to those who want to leave the square after entering the area for the first time. Anyone who leaves the fenced-off area has to queue in the back of the line before re-entering.

Since the turn of the year only takes place once a year, of course, nobody wants to be one of the unfortunate people who no longer make it to Times Square and have to watch the event on TV. Therefore, queues form in front of the entrances in the late afternoon.

The waiting time on New Year's Eve in New York will certainly not be boring: there is a specially constructed stage a big show program, at which international greats from music and entertainment always appear.

Emerald Nuts Midnight Run

Take part or just watch

A nice alternative to spend New Year's Eve in New York is the midnight run. Under the title "Emerald Nuts Midnight Run" this 4 mile run has been taking place in Central Park since 2004. The event is sponsored by a snack nut manufacturer.

Anyone can actually register for the run in advance. In addition to real athletes, many people from all over the world take part just for fun. In the typical runner outfit, there are less of them. Many come to the start in fancy costumes or even run the route through Manhattan's Central Park in temperatures below 0 degrees only in underwear.

Before the run starts, there is a show program on stage. The most imaginative or unusual costume will also be awarded a prize. Exactly at midnight at the turn of the year, the "athletes" then start their first run in the new year.

New Year fireworks

NYC's only fireworks display rises in Central Park

The advantage of the Midnight Run: You are in Central Park at the turn of the year. This is the only place to see fireworks on New York's New Year's Eve!

In this city, which consists of countless skyscrapers, fireworks are otherwise strictly prohibited. The danger that misdirected missiles will hit the numerous buildings is too great. Therefore, you are not allowed to detonate rockets or firecrackers in New York.

The organized fireworks in Central Park can certainly be seen. Hundreds of rockets light up the night sky over Manhattan for more than 15 minutes.

A spectacle that can be admired far beyond the Big Apple above the city's famous skyline.

Alcohol on the street

Alcoholic Beverages and US Law

In Germany, toasting with sparkling wine is simply part of New Year's Eve like lead pouring and rockets. In order not to step into a faux pas in New York City, it is also important as a tourist to be careful.

According to the law, drinking alcohol is legal in the US from the age of 21 and up public drinking on the street is generally prohibited. Two things that are really strictly controlled and punished with expensive parking tickets.

If you have reached the legal age, you still don't need to "Pestle" dispense. A tried and true method is that Bottle completely opaque in a bag to keep and to leave while drinking. Another common way of consuming alcohol in public is to transfer the drink into an inconspicuous soft drink bottle.

Although it is certainly more difficult to control on New Year's Eve in New York than in the rest of the year, one should be careful not to be seen obviously with a bottle of alcohol. If that's too exciting for you, it's better to enjoy the New Year's drink legally in one of the numerous bars and pubs.

Styling on New Year's Eve in New York

The more unusual, the better!

Of course, those who belong to the city's elite will spend New Year's Eve on a classy New Year's Eve with short blacks for women and tuxedos or suits for men. But if you celebrate the turn of the year on Manhattan's streets, you can happy to be colorful and flashy let go.

If you couldn't stow the right accessories in your suitcase, you won't have to look far. Street vendors and shops everywhere offer the right glasses, hats and sweaters so that everyone can see that a new year is about to begin. It can't be colorful enough. Eye-catching accessories with flashing lights are welcome.

Otherwise it is from Casual to Business dress everything in clothes on the road. Even on New Year's Eve, the metropolis is as colorful and varied as its residents are.

The temperatures should not be underestimated. On New Year's Eve, temperatures like to drop below freezing point. Due to New York's location by the sea, an icy wind blows through the city.


Can I get a cab in New York on New Year's Eve?

Manhattan is huge! And to get to the hip party, you sometimes have to resort to a taxi. Even if on normal days it seems as if this city only consists of taxis, you will be surprised how difficult it can be here too, one of the coveted yellow ones Cabs to get.

It's okay if you spend more than half an hour waving and shouting on the side of the road without one of the coveted means of transport stopping. Then you shouldn't doubt your talent. All passing taxis simply have passengers on board.

With a little stamina (and some elbow use) you will sooner or later be able to get a taxi to stop.

Tip: It is best to look where taxis let their passengers out. Then take a seat in the back seat in a flying change.

Is it worth spending New Year's Eve in New York?

New Year's Eve in New York is really a once in a lifetime experience and you won't be disappointed. And thanks to entry via ESTA, it is also formally easy to implement (ESTA USA costs).

With these tips, nothing stands in the way of a perfect “New Years Eve”!

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