What does a quarter past 6 mean?

It is twenty to six (morning / afternoon).


It's twenty Minutes before six.

In everyday life, the time is usually given in an informal way.

  • The 12-hour count is used.
  • If necessary, you add In the morning, morning, at noon, in the afternoon, in the evening or at nightto make the time of day clear.
  • You name the minutes first and then the hours.
  • With the prepositions in front and to you can specify the interval to the full hour (plus / minus twenty minutes) or half an hour (less than ten minutes).
  • At 15-minute intervals on the hour, the number of minutes is not given, but the word is used quarter:
    5:45 pm: It is quarter before six.
    6:15 pm: It is quarter after six.
  • In the case of half an hour one does not name the number of minutes either, but says:
    It is half + the number of the next full hour:
    17:30: It is half six.


12:00 o'clockIt is twelve o clock.
12:05 p.m.It's five (minutes) to twelve.
12:10 p.m.It's ten (minutes) to twelve.
12:15 p.m.It's quarter to twelve.*
12:20 p.m.It's twenty (minutes) to twelve.
12:25 p.m.It's five (minutes) before half one.
12:30 pmIt is half one.
12:35 p.m.It's five (minutes) past half one.
12:40 p.m.It's twenty (minutes) in front one.
12:45 p.m.It's quarter in front one.*
12:50 p.m.It's ten (minutes) in front one.
12:55 pmIt's five (minutes) in front one.
13:00 'O clockIt is one o'clock.**

In some parts of Germany they also say:

12:15 pm: It's a quarter past one.

12:45 pm: It is three quarters one.


** The word is often used at full hours Clock. There is a special feature of the number one: when you use the word Clock used, they say: a. When you get the word Clock not used, they say: one