How long does the mixed juice last

Longer shelf life: opened juices

Fruit juices made from apples, oranges or exotic fruits are very popular. Research into shelf life shows that fruit juices from packs or bottles usually have a longer shelf life than stated. This is reported by the consumer center in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Expired shelf life?

Manufacturers often specify a short shelf life after opening their products in order to protect themselves from complaints. They advise refrigerated storage and rapid consumption within two to five days. But with the right storage, juices can be enjoyed for longer than five days even after they have been opened. Consumers' eyes and nose are usually completely sufficient to recognize spoiled fruit juices.

Juices like it clean and cool

To prevent fermentation of fruit juices by bacteria, you should not drink fruit juice straight from the bottle or pack. Close the opened product immediately after pouring it. The contents can be kept for a maximum of seven days at room temperature. On the other hand, if the bottle or pack is quickly put back in the refrigerator, the cool drink can be consumed for up to fourteen days. By the way: the more acidic the juice, the more durable. Vegetable juices therefore spoil faster than fruit juices.

Glass bottle better than cardboard packaging

If the juice is left at room temperature for a long time, it is better to store it in a glass bottle. You can see bubbles, cloudiness or mold through the glass. It is best to fill juices with cardboard packaging into a glass jar and check it regularly until it runs out. Cloudy sediment in the clear juice and, conversely, clear sediment in the cloudy juice are indications of the onset of decomposition. Mold, on the other hand, makes itself comfortable on the surface of the liquid product.


10/10/2012 | Julia Heiserholt, vz-nrw