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Emily Deschanel pregnant?

A slightly arched stomach and a tired face - that's all it took to set off rumors of Emily Deschanel's possible pregnancy. All the more so since a source close to the couple is said to have confirmed the happy circumstance.

Addendum from 05/22/2021: It seems that the rumor is unfounded. (learn more)

Is Emily Deschanel about to be a mom to a little boy or girl?

Photos of the American actress at a romantic dinner with her partner on Thursday evening appeared on the Internet yesterday (May 21, 2021). Commentators claim to have recognized the round belly of a pregnant woman in these pictures.

An eyewitness even reported that he had seen the actress swap her wine glass for a glass of water over a toast. (For those who didn't know, pregnant women are not advised to drink alcohol.)

Emily Deschanel pregnant: a rumor is boiling!

Emily Deschanel's agent, who was contacted later that day about the rumor, allegedly avoided a straightforward response when he said he would "not comment on the actress's private life" ... which just did not add to the mood to reassure those who were already heated by the recent engagement rumors.

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We now have no choice but to wait a few months to check whether the “round belly” and the “watery toast” were reliable indications.

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