How am I supposed to cut my hair

Cut hair or not? Take the test and find your dream hairstyle!

Should I have my hair cut or not? Most of us have asked ourselves this question before. And especially when the hair is very long, the decision can be difficult.

We have therefore prepared a test. He will tell you whether you are ready for a short hairstyle or whether you shouldn't have your hair cut (yet). Also: Tips to find the perfect short hairstyle and the hottest hairstyles 2019 for inspiration!

Cutting off hair: that speaks for it

Many of us hang by their long hair, after all, we have bred them for years. But we are far from satisfied with our hairstyle. Because no matter how beautifully long hair looks in advertising, in real life it unfortunately also means a lot of care stress. And: somehow they always look more boring than short hair.

So it's no wonder that many of us are flirting with a short hairstyle. After all, hairstyles such as bob hairstyles or short cuts are all the rage.

You can also find out in the video whether you have short hair:

Video by Sarah Glaubach

Cut very long hair in several steps

Even if a short hairstyle usually looks more stylish than long straight hair, it takes a lot of effort to have it cut.

If you don't dare to have your very long hair cut radically, then we recommend that you take it step-by-step. Gradually part with your long hair, i.e. when you visit the hairdresser several times.

In the first step, you can have your very long hair cut into a trendy long bob or other medium-length hairstyle. The hair is still long enough to be tied in a bun or a ponytail. If you like the look and still feel like a short hairstyle, then you can keep your hair cut.

Snap snap! Stefanie Giesinger with a new hairstyle

Incidentally, this is how GNTM winner and influencer Stefanie Giesinger did it. The model had her hair cut medium length and in layers and only a few months later she decided on a trendy long bob.

She has not regretted having her long straight hair cut off. With her shorter hair, she finally feels like a woman and no longer like a girl, Stefanie revealed to her followers on Instagram.

These short hairstyles are in now

The all-time favorite among short hairstyles is and remains the bob. In 2019 it will be available in different versions, depending on how short you want your hair cut.

The Clavi Cut is medium-length and therefore the entry-level hairstyle for anyone who just wants to have their long hair cut off a bit. Here the hair extends to the collarbone.

It gets shorter with the classic chin-length bob or the short bob, in which the hair ends above the chin. If you are brave and want to have your hair cut radically, then the pixie cut could also be something for you.

In the picture gallery we show you the hottest short hairstyles 2019 - let yourself be inspired!