What amount can I deposit using CDM

Deposit money into an account

Deposit funds into a Thai account

You were able to successfully open your own account in Thailand and now want to deposit money into your account. There are various options available to you for this, which, depending on your account-holding bank, are not always available.

Deposit money at the bank counter

This is the most traditional way to fund your Thai bank account, but it is also the most inconvenient and time consuming.

Payment forms are available in the bank branches. You fill out a form with your details and hand the form, along with the cash, to the bank clerk at the counter. The money will be credited to your account and you will receive a copy of the deposit form as a receipt.

If you submit your ledger with the form and money, the deposit will be noted there and the book updated.

Deposit money at the machine

Most banks in Thailand offer the option of depositing money into your own account at deposit machines. To do this, look for a machine from your own bank (the machines are called "Cash Deposit Machine" in Thailand and are abbreviated to CDM).

After you have fed your bank card into the machine, most machines will ask you whether you want to deposit money into your own or someone else's account. (Deposit to your own account or deposit to third-party account). Accordingly, you select your own account (own bank account) and then put the banknotes in the money slot that opens.

The machine counts the money, shows you the amount on the display and you confirm the displayed amount by clicking "ok". Then it may be that the machine offers you the opportunity to deposit more money or to end the transaction. To quit, select "cancel" and a receipt will be printed out.

Deposit money into the account by bank transfer

If you would like to fund your Thai account from the account of your house bank abroad, please read our article about transferring money to Thailand.

Deposit money into your own account without a bank card

Many deposit machines offer the possibility to deposit money into any account of a Thai bank. This gives you the option of depositing cash into your account even without using your bank card. Of course, what you need for this are your account number and the name of your account-holding bank.

During the transaction, the machine will first ask for the account holding bank, which you can choose from a list on the display. Then you enter the account number, whereupon the machine displays the name of the account holder. If the account number and name match, you confirm and put the money in the money slot. The rest of the transaction proceeds as described in the section "Depositing money at the machine".

Deposit money into someone else's account without a bank card

Instead of transferring money to someone else's account using a form in the branch or on the computer, you can instead use the method described in the section "Paying in money without a bank card to your own account" in cash to pay into someone else's account. Accordingly, the name of the bank holding the account, the account number and the name of the account holder are required. The process is the same as described in the section "Paying money into your own account without a bank card", with the difference that you enter the account details of the third-party recipient's account.

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Posted on: 02/11/2014 - last update on: 03/24/2015

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