How do I recycle old devices

What to do with the old cell phone?

It is estimated that around 200 million old cell phones "sleep" in households in Germany. Do you have such a device that still works? Then it should be used longer! If a functioning cell phone is scrapped, it should be sold or given away immediately. Care must be taken to ensure that the user data is deleted. Since the market for buying portals is not transparent, the consumer advice center recommends reselling cell phones that are still functional. As a rule, you get more money if you make the effort to place a classified ad yourself.

Old cell phone collections: what is there, how is it going?

If the cell phone can no longer be used, it should best be given (donated) to a cell phone collection of a non-profit organization, such as B. NABU, BUND or DUH partly in cooperation with mobile phone providers. The organization or the cell phone provider will organize the collection and pick-up of the cell phones. The collected devices then go to a recycling company. The cell phones are sorted there. Any functional cell phones are often resold abroad as ReUse devices. Therefore, the old cell phone should always be handed in with the charger. Defective or very old devices are recycled. Few companies in Europe have the technology to recover many of the precious metals from cell phones.

For every cell phone collected, the collection organization receives a lump sum. This is then used for various projects. Consumers should find out for what purpose they want to donate their cell phone.

So far, however, there have been no documented cases of abuse in commercial cell phone collections. The probability that defective cell phones will be disposed of illegally is low, as recycling is particularly worthwhile due to the high content of precious metals.

The material value of a cell phone is around 1 euro - the collection companies thus achieve the main profit by reselling used cell phones. This also explains the sums of 1-3 euros that can be donated for each cell phone given.

Reselling abroad makes sense. The devices mainly go to poorer countries where people cannot afford new devices. Further use protects the environment and is an important contribution to the economy, especially in developing countries. In several African countries there is a payment system via SMS that enables cashless payment transactions even without the Internet and computers. In large parts of Africa there is only mobile phone, but no landline, so people there are dependent on cell phones.

That always works: old cell phones at the municipal collection point

If you don't want to go to the trouble of looking for a collection organization or don't have a collection point nearby, you can hand in your mobile phone at the recycling center like all other electronic devices. Most cell phone stores also accept old cell phones.